Ismail Kasumi staring in the new play “Revolver”

Actor and model Ismail Kasumi is known for his acting career in both the big screen and on the theater stage. Winning the “Best Performance” Award for “Snowing Outside” a play written by Vincenzo Salemme, directed by Musa Isufi.

Currently Ismail Kasumi is taking part in the theatre play “Revolver” written by the Hungarian writer/director Gabor Gorgey, directed by Nehat Memeti, where Ismail plays the role of a crazy philosopher named “Kishi”.  “This is my first time playing this role,” said Ismail Kasumi,” and it is very different from any other roles I have played so far. Everyday I discover new aspects of this character,” said Ismail Kasumi.

Ismail Kasumi was born in Macedonia,Kumanovo in 1986, where he studied Economics. He graduated from the Academy of Art at State University of Tetovo,  in Dramatic Arts & Acting. He is currently pursuing his Master degree in Acting, Film & TV from the State University of Pristina (UP) in Kosovo.

“Acting is my passion and it makes me feel alive. I love acting because I find myself in it, I can find a voice and explore reality in everything that I see. I can express it through the characters and roles I play in a theatre play or film. My favorite part is when preparing for the role, how my imagination dwells deep into the script to create something powerful that will define that character,” said talented actor Ismail Kasumi for NY Elite Magazine.


Actor, Model Ismail Kasumi (Photo Credit: Erman Memedi) 

This versatile actor has been working on both stage and screen. Ismail Kasumi made his big screen debut in the internationally acclaimed film “The Bloody Money” (2012) written & directed by Erman Memedi and in “The Return” (2013) written & directed by Kastriot Abdyli. Ismail Kasumi was also featured in the award-winning movie “My City Screams” written & directed by Ibrahim Deari. “My City Screams” won three awards at the festival in Pristina NINE ELEVEN for “The best film”, “The best director” and “Best Editing”. It also won “Audience Award” at the Albanian Film Week 2014 in New York.

Ismail Kasumi saw his star power with the theater successes. He was recently seen as “Kichi” in “Revolver” (2015), a play written by  Gabor Gorgey. He also played the role of “Milorade” in “Roots of the Tower” (2015), written by Nazmi Beqiri. Ismail Kasumi has been hailed for his transformative character acting and his emotionally convincing portrayal.

In “Snowing Outside” (2015, written by Vincenzo Salemme), Ismail Kasumi portrayed “Enzo”, co-starring Gani Veseli, Gjelbrim Emini & Artan Ibishi, directed by Musa Isufi. The play “Snowing Outside” was awarded “Best Performance” at the “Days of Albanian Comedy Festival” in Presevo.

“Snowing Outside is a very funny comedy that talks about the lives of three brothers, Çiço, Enzo and Stefano. The author has created the lead character, “Çiço” in a very interesting way, who is genius at solving difficult situations, but at the same time how he handles his daily life makes him a unique character, different from the traditional role of a lead,” said actor Ismail Kasumi.

Outside performing, Ismai Kasumi does modeling as a hobby, but acting remains his first love.


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