Mcouture Wedding 2016 Collection ‘Dolga’

Mcouture presents the 2016 Wedding collection titled “Dolga” by the creative mastermind Mila Kadriu.

For Spring Summer 2016 our favorite bridal designer Mila Kadriu gives us a glimpse of lasting generations rooted in tradition and cultural heritage, in the powerful Dolga dresses.

“The Dolga collection is inspired by our enormous respect for our tradition. The cultural heritage and the legacy left by our ancestors are the most valuable assets to us. We wanted to translate the unbreakable generation ties in the traditional wedding dress. For that reason we used variety of laces, semi transparent nets embellished with hand embroidery, silk and brocade. We wanted to make a collection that shows the uniqueness of cultural heritage elements mixed with modern forms, ultra modern cuts, contemporary fabrics with jewelry finish and 3D elements,” said designer Mila Kadriu for NY Elite Magazine.

“Our inspiration comes from the traditional national costume called “Dolga” which originates from Kicevo’s region. The vibrant pattern and the embroidery used don’t have the usual etno elements. The base is white with red and extremely intricate details. On the front the national costume is embellished with golden small coins, complemented with an entire vest made of silver coins,” added Kadriu.

The designer recreated the traditional wedding look to a modern one by breaking the conventional mold. The Dolga Mcouture 2016 collection focuses on the true inner beauty of today’s woman, that all modern brides will adore.

“We have added a modern twist and we have used contemporary materials, which led to the realization of a collection of 15 modern wedding dresses. With this collection, we wanted to highlight the importance of the woman, her undeniable value in today’s society and her inner beauty,” said designer Mila Kadriu of Mcouture.


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