Matteo Brento: Road to Stardom

Matteo Brento achieved widespread success after his debut in X Factor Albania in 2015. Then he followed up with the similarly popular hit single on VEVO “Tra Le Pagine” produced by Sebastian Production.

Born in Italy in 1988, Matteo Brento lives in in his home town Monte Sant’Angelo and considers Tirana his second home. Since he was a little boy Matteo was passionate about music, listening and singing along to his father’s music collection.

Matteo Brento began his singing career at age thirteen playing with his music band in Italy. By age sixteen he was performing and competing in singing competitions, meeting Italian stars like Katia Ricciarelli and Marco Masini. His breakthrough came with the appearance on the X Factor Albania show mentored by celebrity superstar Bleona, earning him the famous reputation in the best Top 6. “Mos Qaj”, “Insieme a te sto bene”, “Je Ti” “A Te” and “E penso a te” were undoubtedly X Factor’s favorite performances. After the great success in X Factor Matteo continued to perform in Italy.

On October 15, 2015 Matteo Brento released his first hit single “Tra Le Pagine” on VEVO. “Tra Le Pagine” is a Pop/Rock song written by Alessandro Di Lascia, produced by Sebastian Production.

Matteo Brento is an incredible artist, whose music moves you deeply. His fans from around the world have embraced his music and his success.


Singer Matteo Brento

Exclusive Interview with Matteo Brento

What is your first single “Tra Le Pagine” about? What inspired it?

Matteo Brento: My first single is titled “Tra Le Pagine”, which was published on 15 October 2015 on Vevo channel. The song was recorded in Tirana and also on Divjake’s beach, with the collaboration of Sebastian Production. It was written by Alessandro Di Lascia, who has been able to encapsulate my feelings in simple but effective words. Meanwhile, I wrote something too, but is still under structuring.

Do you currently have an agent or record label?

Matteo Brento: Actually, my record label is Sebastian Production, however I collaborate with musicians and producers from Italy and Albania.

What do you think your greatest opportunity has been so far in your music career?

Matteo Brento: Certainly my greatest experience is that of  X Factor Albania, which gave me the opportunity to be on a big and important stage and be in front of real music experts. X Factor also allowed me to make myself known to a wider audience. In any case, I do not forget my past musical experiences, from live performances with my band, the singing competitions, where I met big Italian artists like Katia Ricciarelli and Marco Masini.

How was your X Factor Albania experience?

Matteo Brento: My coach was the singer Bleona, and  I have a special memory of her. But every judge taught me something.  A song that I particularly liked, and that I think was also the most beloved by the public, is “Mos qaj” (Don’t cry), which I sang in the Albanian language.  This song always makes me feel great emotions. I really like to sing in Albanian.

When and how did you first become interested in music? How long have you been playing music?

Matteo Brento: I showed my passion for music as a child, listening and chanting all the CDs of my father. I studied singing and performing with groups of musicians in various live shows, from the age of sixteen.

What was the first song that you ever sang? How did it make you feel?

Matteo Brento: The first song that I sang in public is “Meraviglioso” di Domenico Modugno. I was eleven years old, everyone was surprised to see me sing. Since then, I have not stopped doing it!

Does anyone in your family play music?

Matteo Brento: No, I am the one, but I sense in my younger brother the passion for music.

If you had to describe your music in three to four words what would they be?

Matteo Brento: Freedom. Love. Strength. Happiness.


Singer Matteo Brento (Photo Credit: Andi Photography)

What genre best fits your music style?

Matteo Brento: I space between different types of music, but I prefer the pop/rock. I feel sweet, but with a rock vein.

What image do you think your music conveys?

Matteo Brento: My wish is to convey emotions and to communicate with my music. I hope to make it.

What places have you performed and when is your next live performance?

Matteo Brento: My last performances were locally in Italy, but my dream is to soon have a concert in Tirana and to meet all my fans. I’m also working on this and I hope that it will be realized soon.

What plans do you have for your next song or album you plan to record in the studio?

Matteo Brento: I’m working on a new project, particularly I’m focusing on a new Albanian song, for which I care so much.

What are your musical influences?

Matteo Brento: I have a lot of love for Italian songwriters (for example Lucio Battisti, Lucio Dalla, Fabrizio De Andrè), but I also have some influences pop rock/electro pop (for example Subsonica, Negramaro, Aerosmith, Muse, Bluvertigo).

What else do you like to do besides play music?

Matteo Brento: Music is my life. But I love animals too. I have a dog and I would love a cat!

What’s your motto or advice that you live by?

Matteo Brento: My advice is to always believe and never surrender!

Art and Music is a very powerful and influential tool that connects people of all ages around the world. How has music influenced you? What advice do you have for your fans today?

Matteo Brento: I would say to my fans that life is beautiful, and so you need catch every color of it. And music for me is the most beautiful color!


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