Matteo Brento in the spotlight with new single “Tra Le Pagine”

Matteo Brento is a brand new pop star who had the backing of a show watched by millions, X-Factor, the biggest talent contest. His singing talent is incredible and wowed both judges and fans with “the most touching audition” and “the best live show performances” on X-Factor Albania 2015. For his tens of thousands of Italian and Albanian fans Matteo was regarded as the champion of the show.

“Matteo has super powerful vocals with the greatest emotional song delivery,” said Miriam Cani, X-Factor Judge and famous Pop singer during Matteo Brento’s performance of “Mos Qaj” (Don’t Cry).

Matteo Brento has the biggest post-competition debut single with his new hit song “Tra Le Pagine”. The single was released on On October 15, 2015 by  Sebastian Production, written by Alessandro Di Lascia. The Pop Rock song debut on VEVO You Tube Channel.

“Music is my life,” said Matteo Brento for NY Elite Magazine.”If I could define it into four words music to me is  freedom, love, strength and happiness.”

“Tra Le Pagine” is a gentle and emotional pop rock song, which has received great positive reviews. It has a strong message about life and relationships. The character presented by the lyrics is echoed by the vocal energy, power and passion that make Matteo Brento a favorite and Number One Artist to watch out for 2016.

Matteo also appeared in the popular Shine TV live sessions, a show for guest stars and VIPs, directed by Ardit Cuni. He executed beautifully an acoustic cover of “L’amore Esiste” by Francesca Michielin.

Matteo Brento was born in Monte Sant’Angelo, Italy in 1988. He is currently writing and preparing new songs and he hopes to have a tour soon in Europe and North America.

Matteo Brento: Connecting with Fans Interview

Marsela, Tirana: Hi Matteo Brento! I am a big fan of yours ! I would to ask, When you were a kid, did you want to be a singer or did you want to become something else? 

Matteo Brento: As a child, I liked to listen to music, and my parents tell me that I sang in every situation I could. But I never expected to become a singer!

Naxhie, Tirana: There are a lot of people who adore you in Albania. Have you thought about the idea of living in Albania?

Matteo Brento: Absolutely yes. I enjoy Albania and consider it a second home. So living there is part of my future plans and projects. One day I would love to have a house in Tirana to combine work and passion.

Lorena, Kosovo: Do you have more fans in Italy or Albania?

Matteo Brento: At the moment, I have more fans in Albania, because it was there when I had reached the maximum visibility, thanks to X-Factor. I am also grateful for my Italian fans who come to see my live shows. Your support means a lot to me.

Xhuljana, Tirana: How did you feel when you published the song “Tra Le Pagine”? Are you working on any new projects?

Matteo Brento: It is my first single, so the emotions are very strong. I could not wait for it to be released and I am thrilled that it is now on VEVO. It is an honor. I am working on on my next new song, which will be an Albanian song. It is the least I can do for my amazing Albanian fans.

Karen, New York: What song has been your favorite to perform on stage? 

Matteo Brento: My favorite song to sing on stage has been “Mos qaj”, because it made me feel so emotionally involved.

Melly, Turkey: We would love to see you in Turkey. Would you come Antalya for a concert?

Matteo Brento: Why not! I would like to visit different parts of the world. I hope to have the opportunity to visit your city as well. Thank you very much for the invitation.

Aila, Albania: Why did you choose competitions, for example X Factor, to start your career as a singer?

Matteo Brento: My singing career began several years ago, prior to my involvement in X-Factor, at an early age when I was only 13 years old. However, I took the opportunity to participate in X-Factor because undoubtedly is a great showcase of talent and it is currently one of the shows that  gives the artist full exposure to the fans. I liked the idea of a  challenge  in a new area, especially in a foreign competition.

Xhesjana, Albania: What can you say about the X-Factor and the fans in Albania?

Matteo Brento: I think that in X Factor Albania there are many professionals. There, I have met and got to know beautiful people, that have helped to make me better professionally and a better person. Regarding my Albanian fans, they are special people to me. I was really lucky to meet them!

Law D, Japan: What inspires you? 

Matteo Brento: I am inspired by the beautiful nature, by the purity of a baby’s face, by the innocence of a dog. Music is all around us: you must know where to look.

Loreana, Kosovo: Which famous musicians have you learned from?

Matteo Brento: I have learned a lot from Italian songwriters and singers thanks to their sensitivity and ability to interpret.

Emma, USA: What are five things you can’t live without? 

Matteo Brento: For me five things are indispensable: a radio, a telephone, a chocolate, a book, and my dog Morgan.

Lorena, Gjilan: How did you decide that you wanted to become a singer?

Matteo Brento: It was not really a decision, it is  passion of mine that I have enjoyed for a long time. Ever since I was younger I have enjoyed performing and singing a lot. As I grew older, it became my primary passion, and soon I had many opportunities for me to perform and time flew. And now all I think about is music.

Ersa, Tirana: What do you think about the relationship between a fan and a singer like you?

Matteo Brento: The relationship between a singer and all the fans should be unique, because every fan is special and makes the singer happy with their affection. I sincerely thank my every fan for their love and support in my artistic journey!

Anxhela, Albania: Which is the dream that you have not realized yet?

Matteo Brento: A dream not yet realized is to open an charity that supports abandoned and abused animals.

Anxhela, Tirana: What are your projects for 2016? And is it in your plans to have a concert in ALbania?

Matteo Brento: I am now working on an Albanian song. I hope that you will like it. I would like to do a concert for my Albanian fans. Many of you have asked me me about this. And  I will do everything possible to realize this wish as soon as possible.

Xhie, Albania: Can you tell us about your biggest dream and what are you future plans?

Matteo Brento: My biggest dream would be to do a duet with an Italian singer or do a project with international music. I look forward the exciting opportunities the future holds for me. And I want to share my every happy moments and exciting news with my fans and supporters.


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