Latest Jewelry Trends by Naledi Design

Naledi Design is one of the best places to get personalized jewelry. Whether you like one of a kind man boss handmade watch, a unique artsy necklace or fashion statement jewelry, there is always something to your taste.

Naledi Design was founded in 2010 by Tumelo Michael Moloi, a successful South African artist and designer based in Las Vegas. He is noted for his performances in Cirque Du Soleil, America Got Talent, Music Care, Grammy Awards and more. Michael Moloi handcrafts for artists custom made and unique handmade jewelry and art pieces made from leather, metal, wood, gem stones, beats, copper, brass and recycled materials.  His custom design furniture is the cutting edge mix of African, industrial, earthy and modern styles.


Designer Michael Moloi 


Designer Michael Moloi

“My interest in artistic and cultural experience has defined my work. Coming from a culturally diverse background, most of my work is based on my own life experiences reflecting the great cities I have lived and worked in, such as Johannesburg, Paris and USA. I love to mix contemporary with old architectural designs,” said designer Michael Moloi of Naledi Design.

Naledi Design is one of our favorite jewelry designers. In 2013 NY Elite Magazine awarded Tumelo Michael Moloi with the “Top Artist Design Award” for Naledi Design in the category of “Awards in Extraordinary Talent.”

Studying the intricacies of African art and modern dance through travel and extensive work in Europe, Michael draws upon the traditional designs of South Africa and the French art form “Art Nouveau,” resulting in timeless and distinctive creations. His award winning Naledi Design fuses industrial chic with modern fashion, creating breathtaking and inspiring works of art.


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