Best Architecture & Design Photos From London

Ilir Rizaj’s photography captures a delicate relationship between man, nature and the building. In a way his work brings “soul” to the building. Ilir artistically captures great architectural works with expert attention to detail.

Describing one of his favorite designs by renowned Albanian architect  Përparim Rama he speaks passionately about the architecture that inspires him.

“My last more interesting photo shoot was in London in November of last year, where I photographed a project by world renowned architect of Albanian origin, Përparim Rama. It was his design of a restaurant/club called Zebrano. What is unique about this project is that most of the design elements (ceiling panels, pipe lighting, tables, chairs, iron doors, cabinets, etc) were custom designed by Mr. Rama and custom made in Kosova.”

“During my visit there, I also photographed the famous Lloyd’s building designed by Richard Rogers, a legendary British architect,” said architectural photographer Ilir Rizaj.

Ilir Rizaj is a member of The Association of Independent Architectural Photographers (AIAPNY). NY Elite Magazine has the privilege to present the work of one of our favorite who is among the best architectural photographers, Ilir Rizaj.

Lloyd's Buliding, London

Lloyd’s Building by Ilir Rizaj Photography (designed by Richard Rogers)

Zebrano (4)

Zebrano by Ilir Rizaj Photography (Designed by Përparim Rama)


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