Next Big Action Hit “Bloody Hands”

“Bloody Hands” is a highly anticipated feature film expected to be released at the end of 2016. Starring award winning Klement Tinaj and Disney Star Orlando Brown, “Bloody Hands” is an action thriller centering around a dangerous world of illegal street racing, crime, drugs and sex. 

“Bloody Hands” is written by George McGrath and directed by the talented Jaden Hwang. Shot in various locations in Los Angeles, California, the film is a production of EyeLess Studio Hollywood, Mind!Control Entertainment and Visionary Eye Entertainment. The incredible cast includes an array of stunning actors taking on the Lead role, namely: Klement Tinaj, Orlando Brown, Roman Xing,  Jongman Kim, Melissa Carvajal, and Leandro Simozza. Playing the Detective role with deep impact in the movie are the impressive Gary Kauffman, Glen Eaton and Phillip E. Walker.


Action Thriller “Bloody Hands” Roman Xing, Klement Tinaj, Jaden Hwang, Orlando Brown, Leandro Simozza, and Jongman Kim.

Actors in Supporting role who made major impressions are: Adam Ohl, Robert Factor, Andy Brosseau, Art Roberts, Rich Sands, Brooklyn Robinson and Danielle Rizzo.

“Leo lives in the fear of the future because of what happened in his past and he ends up losing what he have in the present. He tries not to live in the past but the past lives in him. He can’t start the next chapter of his life because he keeps re-reading the last one,” said Klement Tinaj actor and producer of “Bloody Hands”.

“Han is the gamer, laugher, joker in this brutal world who fights by jokes and fists,” said Roman Xing who plays the leading role of “Han Chou” in “Bloody Hands”.

“Bloody Hands” also includes a team of experienced stunt coordinators, Selena O’Sullivan and Klement Tinaj; and highly skilled stunt performers, Gianlorenzo Albertini, Adam Pepper, Rich Sands, Leandro Simozza and Roman Xing.


Klement Tinaj

The film features accomplished fighters such as: Ray Yao, Ross Gosla, Marcus Coronel, Gino Villanueva, Leonard Zhang, Fahad Olayan, Mario Alverson, Alexander C. Suarez, Cellion ‘C’ Emanuel, Christian Storm and Eddy Vants.

Synopsis: Leo Rossmore (Klement Tinaj) a former fighter is searching for his detective wife Jessica who has been missing. He believes was taken by the same members she was assigned by Detective Brown (Orlando Brown) to go after. Leo hits rock bottom and gives up his dreams until a woman Cristy gives him a reason to fight again.

The production team is crammed with talented and creative people such as, Jaden Hwang, Leandro Simozza, Klement Tinaj, Kristine Tinaj (Executive producer) and Roman Xing.

“Bloody Hands” is the next big action hit to look forward to 2016’s must-see movies!

“Between you, me and God..” Ho Lee (played by Jongman Kim), quote from “Bloody Hands” film.

“She is gone but never forgotten”Leo Rossmore (played by Klement Tinaj), quote from “Bloody Hands” film.


Roman Xing, Jongman Kim, Melissa Carvajal, and Gianlorenzo Albertini in “Bloody Hands” film


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