FrameIn Production won Adidas Photo Competition

In 2015 FrameIn Production entered the photo competition for the global brand “Adidas’. The photo session was held on 27 April 2015 in Skopje, Macedonia. The artistic team included  FrameIn Production Photographers: Arben Fejzullau and Erman Memedi and Models: Almedin Ismaili and Islami Drita.

In this race participated over 3500 productions from all around the world. FrameIn Production was selected a winner for the A category and won 2 prices: “Special Price Award” for Frame In Production and “Artistic face” award for Almedin Ismaili.

It was such a pleasure to work with FrameIn Production for the Adidas Project. I trust and value the work of Frame in Production team and we shared our creative ideas for this project. I am happy and proud that we were able to realize a fun and professional concept for Adidas in Shkup. And I would like to thank the wonderful jury of Adidas for honoring me with the “Artistic Face” Award, said award winning model Almedin Ismaili.


FrameIn Production winner of “Special Price” Award and Almedin Ismaili winner of “Artistic Face 2015” Award for Adidas. In the photo: Almedin Ismaili, Arben Fejzullau and Erman Memedi.


Last year we made a photo session with the global brand ” Adidas” in collaboration with its capital in Belgium. For this project, we tried to show our creativity at the right moment and we finished with success the last photo session which  was evaluated by a very professional jury of Adidas. It was a great pleasure and special experience for us to work with this great company, said film director and producer Arben Fejzullau.

FrameIn Production was founded in 2009 headed by the director and producer Arben Fejzullau and Erman Memedi, film director and editor. The film company has realized many film projects, commercials, music videos and photosessions. Their projects have participated in different festivals, where they have won several awards.





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