Albanian Fashion Week: The Biggest Fashion Industry Event in NY

The Fashion capital of the world, New York City will hold its most anticipated annual fashion industry event, Albanian Fashion Week 2016. It is being talked about as the biggest event in New York for Albanian designers and the Albanian fashion industry. This event is about to make history as it is the first of its kind and at this grand scale for Albanian designers from around the world to present their latest creations at the global venue of NYC.

Albanian Fashion Week is a project which will be presented at the end of March 2016. In this project we will have the participation of very famous Albanian Designers from around the world, who will present their new creations. This is a big opportunity that all Albanian designers have been waiting for, to present their creative work in the field of design and fashion. For this event we are proud to have some of the most popular models here in New York and elsewhere, stated Mrika Krasniqi.


Mrika Krasniqi, Founder and CEO of Albanian Fashion Agency and Nil Production (Photo Credit: Jehona Abrashi)

Being part of the AFW team makes me feel so exited since we are the first team to make it in New York City. Our crew managed by the Producer Mrika Krasniqi is so prepared and ready for Albanian Fashion Week. A great opportunity for Albanian Designers to bring and sell their products in NY. A fantastic show with a lot of surprises and performances by young talented artists. I’m ready … are you … ? said Julian Gjaci, Marketing Coordinator of Albanian Fashion Week.

Albanian Fashion Agency will determine the specific dates for Albanian Fashion Week NY, however it is planning to hold the runway show in March 2016 in Manhattan. This historic event has an impressive line of designers and models.

It will feature 20 prominent designers from Kosovo, Albania, NY, etc, to present hundreds of clothing creations. The clothing lines will be presented for sale in front of possible American and European buyers and eminent media invited specifically for this event.

Albanian Fashion Agency is the first of its kind, providing a platform to success for Albanian fashion designers, models and make-up artists throughout the world. To put it simply, our objective is to promote artistry and to assist these designers/artists in their journey to success. I feel both privileged and elated to be a part of such an initiative, said Tess Fejzula, Head of Creative Team of Albanian Fashion Week.

Albanian Fashion Week is gonna be a blast. I cannot wait to start this amazing show. I was a runway girl back in the day and I still feel the same emotions now that I have to choreograph the models. Albanian talents will have their showcase temple in New York City thanks to the producer Mrika who made this happen . Let’s catwalk, said Saranda Krasniqi, AFA Creative Team.

The event has the support of Albanian Fashion Agency in New York. The specific dates and venue are to be announced soon. The organizer of the event is Producer Mrika Krasniqi, Founder and CEO of Albanian Fashion Agency and Nil Production. Behind this important event there is an impressive team of bright and creative individuals, namely: Arlinda Prelvukaj-CFO, Arta Qyqalla-Fashion Coordinator,  Lulzim Bucolli-Fashion Manager, Juian Gjaci-Marketing Coordinator, Tess Fejzula- Head of Creative Team,  Saranda Krasniqi- Creative Team, Eriola Kasemi-Creative Team, Bardha Elshani-Creative Team, Melisa Cooper, Shkurte Leka, Mirsada Krasniqi, Drita Ramadani-Consulting Team, Egzon Bunjaku –Web Developer, etc.

Having held the co-artistic and musical director position for a few years and personally pioneering the performances for the Couture Fashion Week in NYC, which now has become a global event, I am thrilled to partake in the Albanian Fashion Week with such a dynamic crew being led by Mrika Krasniqi, said artist Gjilberta Lucaj, AFA Board of Directors.


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