#Kosovo: Egzon Bunjaku, Making a Difference Through Community Service

921231_1105931159441258_7915486607639094530_oEgzon Bunjkau is a bright young Kosovan who is very passionate about helping his community grow and helping those in need. Born in in 1989 in Vushtrri, Kosova, Egzon is among the impressive young people who is dedicated to improving lives in his home country. Among other activities he was part of “A Violence Free Future” project, aiming at making communities safer.  In 2015 he graduated with a degree in “Business Management” from Kolegji Universum.

Here is an exclusive interview with Egzon Bunjaku who shined in 2015 through his journey of dedication and helping others.

NY Elite: How did you get involved with Albanian Fashion Week expected to take place in March 2016 in New York?

Egzon Bunjaku: I have been working with the organizer Mrika Krasniqi in the past and am looking forward to this great event, a first of its kind. Albanian Fashion Week is an important platform for Albanian designers and businesses to showcase their creations at a global setting. This is especially meaningful for women designers from Kosovo, who will introduce their brand in New York.

NY Elite: You are very passionate about community building, humanitarian and volunteering work and cultural events. One of your recent humanitarian event was for the sick children of the Pediatric Clinic “QKUK” in Prishtina. What is the goal of this event?

Egzon Bunjaku: The Pediatric Clinic of Prishtina has 20 children diagnosed with cancer so me and Saranda (one of organizators) decided to make these children a little bit happier by sending them gifts.

We created a Facebook event and started inviting people to contribute on this cause, the event was spread too quickly and we started immediately getting phone calls and messages from people who wanted to bring gifts for these people.

We collected more than 200 gifts from people who wanted to be part of the cause, we shared these events to all children in the hospital and not just to the ones who had cancer.

Some of the volunteers who helped us to share the gifts

Some of the volunteers who helped us to share the gifts

NY Elite: “A Violence Free Future” is another project that you took part which aims to promote tolerance in collaboration with The Rotary Club Prishtina International. What are some of the activities organized through this project?

Egzon Bunjaku: The Rotary Club Prishtina International has developed a project to stop bullying, pre-judgements so we will have a Violence free youth.

The target for these projects are elementary and high school students where we have seen for these activities to be more common.

NY Elite: In what ways do you contribute to your community?

Egzon Bunjaku: On this project for the Rotary Club I help with whatever is needed such as preparing the classes, creating name tags, spreading the word about this project so we get more people on these events which have the purpose of helping youth.

NY Elite: What motivates you to engage in community development?

Egzon Bunjaku: My motivation for volunteer work is the purpose of helping the community and that seeing others get involved to help one another.

When you help someone, you know that someone else will help you back. The community can bring changes on massive scales, I want to help people start doing so.

NY Elite: What are four necessary steps to making a difference in your city?

Egzon Bunjaku: (1)Identifying the problem; (2) Creating a plan to make this change, (3) use Social Media to promote your plan and (4) look for people who share the same interest and are willing to help.

NY Elite: What is your advice to other youth who want to get involved in community and cultural events?

Egzon Bunjaku: Some cities are limited in their resources and may not have organizations that are dedicated to bringing positive change. My advice would be for you to be interested in getting involved, start looking for what changes you want to make in you community and find people who are willing to do so, and create one group with the aim to make a difference.

NY Elite: What are you most proud of from being from Kosovo?

Egzon Bunjaku: People from Kosovo are known for being heartwarming and welcoming. I’d love to travel around the world but there’s no other place where I’d rather be than my country where I was born, where I know people care so much for each other.

NY Elite: To someone who has never visited Kosovo, how would you describe Kosovo to them?

Egzon Bunjaku: Kosovo is a beautiful country. Everyone who comes to visit falls in love with the country and its people. My favorite are the old cities full of history such as Prizren, Gjakova and Vushtrri that have interesting stories, museums, towers/castles and a lot of sightseeing. I welcome everyone to come visit!

We are a country which has the highest percentage of youths in Europe. One thing for sure, if you’re visiting Kosovo people would put as a priority to make you feel at home.

NY Elite: Are there any new exciting projects that you are working on or have lined up in the near future?

Egzon Bunjaku: One of the projects that me and my two colleagues are working on now is to gather more people on cultural events. We started the 2016 with a movie night on a Castle of Vushtrri and with the community that we have built with more than 75.000 members of our Facebook Groups we know that we can make it happen to have at least one movie screening a month for cities which don’t have a cinema.



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