We are obsessed with this hair stylist and you should be too!

Obsessed with hair styles by Carl Bembridge Hair. Carl Bembridge is an award-winning hairstylist based in Bristol. His business is named Carl Bembridge Hair. Some of his celebrity clients include  Katie Price, reality TV stars from ‘Big Brother’ & ‘MTV’s Ex on the beach’,  ‘The Apprentice’ finalist Bianca Miller & the photoshoot for the launch of her brand.

I have been hairdressing just over 10 years and love every minute of it. I love standing out and creating amazing hair! Showing hair off at its best is what I love to do. I’m driven and motivated to climb the ladder to be successful in the hair world. Each step at a time getting the Carl Bembridge Hair to the top!

Carl Bembridge is the most recommended celebrity hairdresser in Bristol and London, traveling all over UK.  He has styled hair at beauty pageants, hair for Miss England and Miss UK. He has worked around London styling hair for several magazine covers, photoshoots, fashion shows & charity events. Carl has worked for fashion designers styling hair at London Fashion Week, featured on Elle magazine in Bulgaria.

image1 (1)

Carl Bembridge at the final of Miss England 2015

For Carl beauty is building confidence and loving yourself.

Self confidence is finding You! We all have confidence when we look our best or doing well or gain compliments or positive feedback. That’s why I am a hairstylist because I get to give my clients self confidence and myself at the same time. #HAIRWINS

In 2015 Carl Bembridge took away the crown ‘Bristol Salon & Hairdresser of the Year‘. His unique flare and high standards show the best of versatile looks, including , avant-garde, fantasy, edgy, Vintage, bridal and everyday looks.

I look for creativeness and versatility hair something wow and eye catching. I define my style just how I want because it’s my work I need to be proud of. I try to put my stamp on it and always be a little different so people remember my work and make sure it stands out from the rest!


This is why we can’t get enough of this incredible hair stylist:

#1: Orange envy, hair I created for a photoshoot. I got excited to upload this style for everyone to see!


©Carl Bembridge 

#2Maleficent was a look that got a great response, one of my favs.


©Carl Bembridge 

#3: Stand out hair for a catwalk fashion show RULE THE RUNWAY and this hair did just that!


©Carl Bembridge 

#4: My geisha girl winning 1st place in a hair competition. 


©Carl Bembridge 

#5: Loved working on this shoot for talented photographer Calvin Chinthaka.


©Carl Bembridge 

#6: Such A powerful photo for another photoshoot I loved this models hair Mica loved it too BIG HAIR RULES!


©Carl Bembridge 

#7: My girls from the shoot for the brand of Bianca Miller LDN ‘The Apprentice’ finalist.


©Carl Bembridge 

#8: ANOTHER of my favourites I have so many! Do what I love & love what I do.


#9: Simple and creative this style I loved it’s very chic! Fashion photoshoot.


©Carl Bembridge 

#10: My first place competition in college..the Roman look, I was so nervous!


©Carl Bembridge 


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