Educational Theatre with Teaching Artist Lulzim Bucolli

Lulzim Bucolli graduated from NYU (New York University) with a masters in Educational Theatre. His background is in theatre, film and education. He has worked for many years for education organizations as a teaching artist in Kosovo. He organized, directed and performed street performances on stereotypes and racism in many countries in Europe.

I started as a little kid doing puppet show for my parents together with my siblings. I would direct and act in our behind the curtain puppet show and made my parents watch it. I do feel for them now. Always knew I couldn’t do a regular job, I had a sort of ADD going on and always needed to move and entertain people, so what best then to get into acting. I have been doing it since 2002 until now and on the way I picked up directing and my other passion which is education through theatre.

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Lulzim Bucolli,

One of his latest projects is the film “Zonjusha” (Miss), set to premiere in Kosovo in March 2016. It is a crime comedy co-written by Lulzim Bucolli and Besart Sllamniku. “Zonjusha” is directed by Genc Berisha, starring Armend Baloku, Besart Sllamniku, Muhamed Arifi, Ylber Bardhi, Besnik Krapi, Dukagjin Podrimaj, Nentor Fetiu, Igballe Qena, Kumrije Hoxha and Fiona Glavica.

‘Zonjusha’ really has a new vibe that hasn’t been seen before amongst our Albanian film community. So I’m excited for that, and so should be the critics and the audience. There will be plenty to talk about for all. The best thing in the film is the acting. It’s so refreshing and believable. I’m proud to have anything to do with it.

Currently Lulzim in working on a new drama curriculum for educational theater for youth as well as working on a new TV Show.

Right now I am in Prishtina, Kosovo developing drama curriculum for various art schools and using physical theater as a method to provide space for the students to express themselves. I am also developing a TV show that will be different in its format, hoping to not get chased out of the country though.


Lulzim Bucolli is also working on a new project, Albanian Fashion Week NY set to take place in March 2016 in Manhattan. Lulzim serves as Fashion Manager of the fashion week organised by Albanian Fashion Agency, CEO Mrika Krasniqi.

I’ve always been a very physical actor on stage. Right now just passed a class on Physical Theatre at NYU and hoping to use that knowledge to assist in directing the cat walk at the Albanian Fashion Week and make it more interesting rather than just a walk but to encourage the models to be more expressive with the movements at the fashion show-emphasizing the designers work even more.

In addition to the fashion show and new TV show Lulzim is developing, he also has plans for a podcast as well as youtube shows focusing on social issues.

A tv show, the film I just mentioned, I will start my own non-censured podcast that’s going to live stream on youtube and other online streaming platforms where people can freely express their thoughts and ideas about society issues. I repeat no censures J, well expect the youtube ones, but its going to be in Albanian mostly so they won’t know what we are saying.

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Lulzim Bucolli (Photo Credit:



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