Exclusive Interview with Actor Praq Rado

Praq Rado is a New York based actor.  After his acting studies at HB Studio in New York City, Rado began his professional career with the leading role in Village of Paradise Growth, a production overseen by Kenny Page. With his breakthrough performance in “Dreaming American” actor Praq Rado has been brought to the attention of mainstream audiences worldwide. “Dreaming American” is a short film based on the true story of Praq Rado.

Praq Rado is the first Albanian actor to have a film depicting his life, and his will to overcome adversity, as seen in Dreaming American. The film is directed by the Emmy Award winning editor Lee Percy, produced by Oscar nominee, Barbet Schroeder and features Breaking Bad’s Giancarlo Esposito. Praq Rado hopes to soon make the short into a feature film this year.

In the following Interview with NY Elite Mag, Praq Rado talks about his passion, acting, and his latest projects.

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Actor Praq Rado (www.dreamingamerican.com) Photo Credit: Fadil Berisha

Interview with Actor Praq Rado

NY Elite: What projects are you currently working on?

Praq Rado: I am in a process of producing and starring in a new short film about undocumented students.  I am hoping this movie will show students’ struggles.  CUNY has over half a million of students that attend, and they are over 10 thousand undocumented students.

NY Elite: How is this production bringing something new to this story?

Praq Rado: This new film is about undocumented students that attend CUNY.  There are over 10 thousand undocumented students.  I’m hoping to get their voices heard and hopefully go viral.  But everything is in process I don’t like to give too much away.

NY Elite: What’s going to surprise people about this movie?

Praq Rado: Well I’m hoping to highlight students’ struggles with this film, and  how much they want American dream but with out papers they can’t get there.  I think a lot of people know about immigration but they are not aware of how hard these students work to educate themselves.

NY Elite: What’s it like working with Lee Percy?

Praq Rado: Working with Emmy-Winner Lee Percy it meant the world to me.  As he is very well respected in his field.  I have to be honest a lot of actors wish to get a chance to get any work with any directors/producers even for free.  This industry is very combative and not too many people get a chance. A lot of them start their acting/directing/producing career but they can’t keep up with it.  You only can go so far following your heart.  They give up after 5 – 10 years as you have to worry about earning your income. It may be difficult for many actors to get a chance as there are a lot of people doing the same thing.

NY Elite: Without giving anything away, what’s your favorite line of dialogue?

Praq Rado: This is my last chance but to escape but don’t worry I’ll come back to you. (Dreaming American)

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Praq Rado (Photo by Fadil Berisha) 

NY Elite: What has been your favorite film you have been part of?

Praq Rado: I would have to say Dreaming American.  Just because it was my first break as an actor and not to mention it’s based on my life.   Also had amazing actors and crew that I had the opportunity to work with. Whom I’m still friends with.

NY Elite: What do you love about the characters that you play in your movies?

Praq Rado: Well there is a lot.  Depends on the character.  It’s interesting to find out about their childhood.  How much they liked school. Their first kiss, their abilities.  Growing up did they have friends?  Were they close to their family members?  What did they want to be when they grow up.  The list just goes on and on. And overall it’s exciting to be in somebody’s life.

NY Elite: How do you prepare to connect to a character that you play? 

Praq Rado: I do a lot of research on my character. It is important to have a clear vision of who my character is.  Then I write a brief description of his relationships with the other characters: How do they feel about each other? Who has the power in the relationship? I’d like to believe myself to be a method actor, so I write down objectives and images to help me out to connect with every character I’m going to talk to, and have list of what my character wants from them.   It’s so easy to get into the character this way for me.

NY Elite: Where else have you played leading role?

Praq Rado: The Park and The Waiter which they premiered last month.  They both were invited by CUNY to show to their students to inspire them.


Praq Rado (Photo Credit: Fadil Berisha)

NY Elite: What other types of movies would you be interested in filming?

Praq Rado: I would love to be part an Albanian film and explore this opportunity in acting in my language as well, Albanian.

NY Elite: What hidden talents do you have? 

Praq Rado: I believe that if I didn’t go into entertainment industry I would have been a great therapist, because I’m really good at listening to people and give them advise.   I also would have loved to work with old people.  I think we tend to not give them to much attention once they get old.  I would have been a great companion to them if I was nurse.

NY Elite: What personal advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue this career?

Praq Rado: My best advise I can give to anyone that would like to take this path is to have a lot of patience and be to persistent.  It’s a tough business but you have to to believe in yourself, your projects, and keep fighting for it everyday.

NY Elite: What can we expect from you in 2016?

Praq Rado: I hope to make Dreaming American to a feature film and also this new short film about undocumented students.  Everything it’s in early stages but things are moving in the right direction.   Thank you to NY Elite Magazine for your love and support.  For the latest update please follow us on @praqrado @DreamingAmerican.

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Praq Rado (Photo Credit: Duke Nguyen)


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