Romantic Italy: The Best of Wedding Photography by Salvatore Favia

Salvatore Favia is an award-winning photographer located in Manfredonia, Italy. Salvatore Favia is considered the best in wedding photography from top wedding photographers in Italy. Today he’s one of the most sought after destination wedding photographers around, shooting weddings all around Italy such as Roma, Napoli, Termoli, Milano, Bari. He has shot weddings, portraits and VIP special events in Italy and Portugal using his unique storytelling through beautiful imagery. Salvatore was the official photographer for Miss Italy in 2008 and many festivals such as Woodforth (2013) and other city carnivals. 

The renowned photographer Salvatore Favia has exhibited his finest work to capture city life, emotions and portraits. His work is published regularly in Solo Exhibitions, namely: “Terra e Mare” (2006), “Sguardi” (2007), “London” (2009), “Mondi d’oltre Mare” (2009) in Manfredonia  and San Giovanni Rotondo, “Painted Light” (2010) in Lucera, “Controluce” (2011) in Trieste at the Municipal Art Hall (Sala Comunale d’Arte ‘Arturo Fittke’),  “Les petites poupées” (2013) in Manfredonia  and “Le Fil Rouge” (2014) in Manfredonia.

Salvatore Favia’s photography represents distinctive style, beauty and superior quality capturing the true spirit of a couples love and romance.

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Salvatore Favia


Chosen for their beauty, creativity and technical quality these 10 amazing and inspirational wedding photos by Salvatore Favia are our Best Collection from 2016.



© Salvatore Favia (



© Salvatore Favia (



© Salvatore Favia (



© Salvatore Favia (



© Salvatore Favia (



© Salvatore Favia (



© Salvatore Favia (



© Salvatore Favia (



© Salvatore Favia (



© Salvatore Favia (




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