Special Screening of Oscar Nominated Film “Shok” in Worcester

The first Albanian Oscar-nominated short film “Shok” (Friend) will screen at Clark University on Saturday, February 20, 2016 at 6:00 pm. (950 Main Street, Worcester, MA).

This screening is being organized to celebrate the 8th anniversary of Kosovo’s Independence (Feb 17, 2008). The event is being organized by Iva and Deni Hoxha with the help of the Albanian Community of Worcester and sponsored by the Sociology Department at Clark University, and the Shok short film team. (To RSVP click here >>)

“We would like the community here in Worcester, MA to take full advantage of this opportunity because it is important that people learn about Kosovo’s story. And this very powerful film fulfills the noble task of educating the world to the plight of the Albanians.”

“I am especially thankful to have director Jamie Donoughue join us for the Q&A via Skype after the film. We are also very thankful to Clark University, Worcester Magazine, MassLive, Sociology professor Melissa Butler, Iva Hoxha, David Magdael, Margie Beqiri, Gregory Steffon and Eda Stefani,” said Deni Hoxha, Founder of Team Albanians and organizer of the event.

“Shok” is a very powerful Oscar nominated short film, being talked about as a strong contender for the win. ‘Shok’ is a short film set in Kosovo during the occupation in the 90’s. The film portrays “the friendship of two boys is tested to its limits as they battle for survival during the Kosovo war”. (www.shokshortfilm.com)

Shok is the first Oscar-nominated Albanian film. Shok is a short film written and directed by Jamie Donoughue, based on true events during the Kosovo War – a war fought in 1999 between the KLA and Serbian forces which sprung international attention and brought the NATO forces in to stop the ethnic cleansing of Albanians in the region. The critical reception for the short film has been significantly positive, with the Examiner describing it as “superb and shining.” Since its release, it has bagged 11 wins, and 2 nominations.

The film was nominated for the ‘Best Live Action Short Film’ prize at the 88th Academy Awards and looks at the lives of two 12-year-old boys after the war breaks out in 1998. The conflict fills the boys’ existence with violence and fear, forcing them to make choices that threaten not only their community but their families too.

“Shok” is produced in collaboration with the British and Kosovar team, namely: Harvey Ascott (UK), Howard Dawson (UK), Liridon Cahani (KS) and Besnik Krapi (KS). Starring an incredibly talented cast: Eshref Durmishi, Lum Veseli, Andi Bajgora, Astrit Kabashi, Xhevdet Jashari, Melihate Qena, Aurita Agushi, Armond Morina, Sunaj Raca, Eni Cani, Luan Kryeziu, Kushtrim Sheremeti, Fisnik Ademi, Besnik Krapi.

The film has had many international screenings and has won several awards including: Best Drama, Youth Jury Award and Audience Recognition in Aspen, Best Short (Grand Jury) in Hollyshorts, Outstanding Live Action and Audience Award in DC Shorts and Festival Tous Courts,  Silver Award in Manhattan Shorts, Audience Award in CinEast, Best Drama in San Jose and SwiKos, OL Award in Interfilm Berlin and Best Actor in Mallorca.



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