Body-Mind Therapy For a Healthier Living

Saranda Rexha is the Founder of Stress Management & Counseling Center and Mindfulness Body. Rexha was born in Gjakovo, Kosovo. She studied Psychology at the University of Prishtina and masters in Counselling from University of Tirana. Rexha is a licensed body psychotherapist from EABP.

Body psychotherapy is the field where I found myself and decided to continue working and providing my support for the people as a lecturer, a trainer and a therapist. I am not born mindful, body-mind approach became my path and my goal.  I believe in nature’s spirit, I like everything that has soul and this we can find everywhere in people and animals, as well as in flowers and rocks.


Hiking in Rugova Valley, Perfect for climbing, there are water springs all over the place and that water is drinkable

NY Elite Interview with Saranda Rexha

NY Elite: Body Psychotherapy is a new emerging profession. Tell us a little bit more about this discipline.

Saranda Rexha: Body Psychotherapy also called body-oriented psychotherapy is an emerging field that has a spectrum of intentions; from treatment of clients suffering from illness, trauma, distress or imbalance to the improvement of the quality of life. Body Psychotherapy is a strand of Psychotherapy which helps to assess your problems, dysfunctional attitudes, addictive behavior patterns from the perspective of body mind connection, in order to improve integration and to achieve a happier, healthier life.

NY Elite: What are some of the techniques that you recommend useful for recovery?

Saranda Rexha: Body psychotherapy “treatment” is relevant for people with serious mental health problems; also works with people going through normal life changes, daily stresses, traumatized and people who wants to know and understand another way of life or themselves. There is a wide range of techniques such as: reduction and elimination of symptoms, body exercises, physical touch, relaxation methods, and cognitive techniques, all of them relies on breath. To help people to cultivate a sense of mental wellness, better understanding of themselves and becoming more aware of body, mind, spirit and health, a webpage is established in order to develop mindfulness, especially for people that are busy, stressed and overwhelmed.

NY Elite: How has the tradition of this discipline changed over time? What are some new trends you are seeing in 2016 in the field or new discoveries?

Saranda Rexha: Body psychotherapy started with Wilhelm Reich in 1930, known for the idea that muscular tension reflected repressed emotions, what he called ‘body armor’. As a body psychotherapy approach develops, the European Association of Psychotherapy, over the last 15 years, established a common basis for training, at a European “professional” level. Now days there is huge interest in the field of body psychotherapy worldwide, the practice of psychotherapy is tremendously growing everywhere.

NY Elite: What is the relationship between body and mind? What are some of the body/mind treatments that you employ?

Saranda Rexha: The mind has the power to shape our lives, they shape our beliefs and expectations and beyond its material form the body is a pulsating, a shape which we know who we are as ourselves and in this universe. The mental attitude can affect many aches and pains, therefore we need to change our way of thoughts, being aware of  our body, feelings, experiences and sensations, by developing mindfulness to have positive change in our lives, to a better brain functioning, a healthier mind and body.

group therapy

NY Elite: Do you view body and mind as separate?

Saranda Rexha: Mind and body are one and two in the same time, when they are connected there is balance in the system, the opposite happened when they are not connected, that why we say there are one and two.

NY Elite: How long have you been a Body Psychotherapist?

Saranda Rexha: I am a Body Psychotherapist, accredited full member of EABP since January 2015.

NY Elite: What are your recommendations for a healthy lifestyle? 

Saranda Rexha: From “cure” to “care”, in this way we must change our perception for health, we should focus more on the health strength, enlarging the point of view and find a parallel within the bad you see, it is also good and thus you will have another view of life, which will make you enjoy all the things around you, by paying attention to your health, listening to your body carefully, assess your problems and you will find solutions quickly.

NY Elite: What are some stress release methods one can employ?

Saranda Rexha: Breathing and relaxation techniques, movement, stress positions, meditation are some of the techniques that helps to release the stress and helps to better cope with it in daily life. Mindfulness helps to reduce stress and increase positive emotions.

jogging in nature

A run before the sunrise, #Germia 555, Run for ourselves before the day starts.

NY Elite: What other activities have you been part of in your community?

Saranda Rexha: To feel more connected with my community and to make the world a better place, I have been part of different activities that together with the group of volunteers we have organized for the most fragile people of the society such as: old people in dormitory and children with cancer in hospital. A small support from us means a lot for them, we will continue to share our support because we do not limit ourselves.

NY Elite: What are your future ambitions and plans?  

Saranda Rexha: Living in the present, by living where life is happening and continuing to work with dedication and passion, living in acceptance with peace in heart, in this way I know that everything that should happen will, because to achieve a goal in not to make castle in the sky, it is within our reach. I never thought to open a webpage, but constantly requesting by people, makes me to extend my support to them and now all the people can enjoy reading the page


Being one with nature @Sigmund Freud University Park – Vienna.


We rise by lifting other # Volunteers Group


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