Eliza Dushku Attends Screening of Oscar Nominated Film “Shok”

WORCESTER MA: Eliza Dushku gave her fans a treat with her surprise visit at the screening of Oscar nominated film “SHOK” in Massachusetts. British-Albanian film, “Shok”, a week prior the Oscars in Los Angeles, screened for the American public and the Albanian community in Worcester, Massachusetts. The event was held at Jefferson Academic Center of Clark University on Saturday, February 20th.

The “Shok” MA screening brought in a full house, with over 200 participants in the audience. The star of television and American film, Eliza Dushku was present as special guest, invited by the organizer of the event, Deni Hoxha.

Dushku is a famous actress in the United States, with dual American and Albanian citizenship, born in Watertown, Massachusetts. She was invited by Deni Hoxha, who is a student at South High Community School in Worcester, MA and who organized this successful event. Deni Hoxha has also helped with the documentary “Dear Albania”. In her instagram profile, Eliza expressed how impressed and blown away she was with the organization of the event.

Dushku is known for her television roles in “Faith”, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” “Dollhouse” and “Tru Calling”. In her documentary “Dear Albania” Eliza and her brother Nate travel to Albania to explore 15 unique cities throughout the country. They discover Albania’s present, its past and hear about its hopes for the future. For the siblings, the voyage to their ancestral home becomes a cultural, historical and personal discovery.

In the Saturday show, the audience had the chance to ask questions through the Q&A session via Skype with director and writer Jamie Donoughue and producer and actor Eshref Durmishi, moderated by Konnie Lukes. Also, actors Andi Bajgora and Lum Veseli sent special messages:

“The event went great! I am amazed that the show turned out a huge success. In less than a week we got over 200 people to show up and everyone loved it. We were so happy by the public’s reaction to the whole event. Some of the highlights of the evening were the Q&A session through Skype with the Shok team, moderated by Konnie Lukes; and Eliza Dushku being there as our special guest! Thank you to everyone who came and now let’s hope Shok wins the Oscar for Best Short Film,” said Deni Hoxha, Founder of Team Albanians and organizer of the event.

The movie from Kosovo “Shok” is based on a true story of the Kosovo War in 1998 supported by US and NATO against Serbia in 1999 to halt ethnic cleansing.

The screening of the film was organized by Iva and Deni Hoxha to also celebrate the eighth anniversary of Kosovo Independence on February 17 2008.



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