Between Art and Design: The Amazing Creations of Ilmika Kulla

Ilmika Kulla is an artist and fashion designer. Her love for painting and sketching dresses started when she was a little girl. She started designing clothes and has had several art shows of both her paintings and her clothing creations.

“I believe that everyone is born with a passion. Mine is art. I also love to design clothing. Ever since I was a little girl I remember sitting alone and just sketching dresses and drawing random things. I loved making my barbies clothes, and never used the clothes they came with. As I got older I started making dresses for myself. I would wear them to parties and events and when people asked where I got it, I would say the store because I was shy to admit I made it. But they always complimented so after a while I started telling them I made it. This led to girls asking me to make custom dresses for them. I did this for a while, I still do when I can,” said artist and designer Ilmika Kulla.

Artist Ilmika Kulla has participated in local shows and has had two successful art shows. In 2014 Ilmika showed 12 gowns she designed and sewed.

“In my art show I had 65 paintings of different genres: landscape, portrait, abstract, and mixed media (cork and vinal record pieces). 80%  of the pieces sold. At this time I am working on another art show. It is hard to find the time to create when you work full time. However I try to find time for my passion. If I don’t express my creative side,  I will start to feel uneasy.”

Ilmika currently is working for her next art show and she hopes to bring something different. In terms for her designing she would like to create meaningful pieces that are important and inspiring for women.


designed by Ilmika Kulla

“I get inspiration from anything. I get ideas all day long. My favorite designer is Coco Chanel, the way she changed fashion for women is so inspiring. Some of my favorite artists are – Leonardo Davinci, Monet, Picasso, Warhol, and Mr. Brainwash who is a living artist. Their works are so different because they are from different times, from classic to  modern.”

“For this next art show I am trying something different. I am still trying to find my style. I want to create pieces that will make the viewer stop and think. I would also like to show some designs. I love to bring art and fashion together, to me its all art,” said Ilmika Kulla for NY Elite Magazine.

Below is a gallery of artist and designer Ilmika Kulla including her artwork and clothing creations.



by Ilmika Kulla


by Ilmika Kulla


by Ilmika Kulla



by artist Ilmika Kulla


by artist Ilmika Kulla


by artist Ilmika Kulla


by artist Ilmika Kulla


by artist Ilmika Kulla


by artist Ilmika Kulla


by artist Ilmika Kulla


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