Award-Winning Actor Lulzim Guhelli Starring in “The Chrysalis”

Lulzim Guhelli is an award-winning professional actor and producer. He has been in an array of iconic films, theater performances and TV projects including “Clash Of The Vampires”, “The Chrysalis”, “Twelvth night”, “Lieutenant of Inishmore”, “Caligula”,  and also in the well-known Kosovar sitcoms “Familja Moderne” and “Kafeneja Jone”.

Born in Prizren, Kosovo Lulzim graduated in 1995 from the University of Prishtina, Faculty of Arts with an Acting degree. Since then he has been involved in acting (theater and film) and film production.


Actor Producer Lulzim Guhelli

For his outstanding work, Lulzim Guhelli has won several awards. He was awarded as Best Male Actor in the National Theatre Festival in Ferizaj; Best Male Actor in SWIKOS Film Festival in Basel – Switzerland. The popular short film “Perqafimi – The Hug” written and directed by Lulzim Guhelli, was awarded with the Audience Award in International Short and Documentary Festival “DOKUFEST” and also Audience Award in “SWIKOS” – Switzerland.

As a producer Lulzim Guhelli has produced the TV serials “ANDRRAT”, “STINE DASHURIE” and also TV documentary series “DREKA SHQIPTARE”.

Since 2015, Lulzim Guhelli has been serving as the Head of UFAK (Union of Film Artists of Kosovo) which is the oldest Film Artists Union in Kosovo.

Currently Lulzim is starring in “The Chrysalis” directed by Marco Lledó Escartín. The talented cast includes: Julien Blaschke, Piro Milkani, Ema Andrea, Tinka Kurti, Margarita Xhepa, Viktor Zhusti, etc. His other upcoming projects for 2016 are: “Zonjusha” by Genc Berisha, “A dream” by Boštjan Slatenšek, “Teuta Artik Burada Yaşamiyor”  by Murat Vela Derman and the “Clash Of The Vampires” directed by Eric DeShazer.


NY Elite Exclusive Interview with Actor & Producer Lulzim Guhelli

NY Elite: Tell us a little about yourself. How did you get your start in acting?

Lulzim Guhelli: How I got started?! This is the hardest question. Well, I started to think about acting long time ago… I don’t know how it came into my mind and soul… I have an impression that acting was already in me because I never imagined myself in a different profession even I did think a bit about to become a dentist. But here I am, doing a job I love, acting.

I finished my acting studies more than 20 years ago and despite of the time periods without professional engagement I never stopped studying and working to improve my acting abilities… look, everything around us follows the trend of the time and has to be improved in order to be on market, acting has to be improved too. Otherwise you’ll be out of the game and if we are talking about the reaching the top than we are talking about big challenges and sacrifices also… which challenges have to be fought and sacrifices have to be faced. But one thing is very clear to me, to never stop working and never give up. That’s what I did and still do…

NY Elite: What projects are you currently working on?

Lulzim Guhelli: Right now I am working on a character of the movie “The Chrysalis” produced by Spanish production which my part will be filmed in Spain.

NY Elite: What do you love about the character that you play in your current film?

Lulzim Guhelli: Since I love to play complex characters, the character in my current film gives me satisfaction of creating an interesting one. The character is called Thanas and he is an Albanian priest from surrounding of Korça (Albania). He is a powerful character because besides being a hidden priest during the atheism time in Enver Hoxha’s regime, he also was an “exorcist”. Thing that I love to play in this character is his calmness and powerful appearance by which the audience will see his hidden spiritual black power.


NY Elite: How do you connect to this character?

Lulzim Guhelli: Well, my job is to build connections to the character, which in a most of the cases there is no such connection to the movie character, all has to be created.  The connection starts from the vision of the character that actor has to create in his head, after that, comes director requirements and his indications toward the character vision.

With the character I am playing in “The Chrysalis” I can say that the only connection is my image and all the rest has to build up, by which I am very happy to build something that I don’t have inside me.

NY Elite: Without giving anything away, what’s your favorite line of dialogue?

Lulzim Guhelli: Mmmm… favorite line of the dialogue is could be “Behind. But it’s not who you think it is…”

NY Elite: What’s it like working with director Marco Ledó Escartín?

Lulzim Guhelli: Director of “The Chrysalis” is Marco Ledó Escartín. He is a young Spanish director with a very interesting dimension idea on film making. Since the first moment of our meeting and especially after his presentation of the film, I felt the professional chemistry… He knows what he wants and sure he knows how to demand it, which is very important issue between director and actor. I do strongly believe in his vision and of course in a final product.

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NY Elite: What’s going to surprise people about this movie?

Lulzim Guhelli: Lol… We’ll see on a premiere?!

NY Elite: Besides yourself, which actor/actress in this production is going to blow people away?

Lulzim Guhelli: Beside me there will be: Julien Blaschke, Piro Milkani, Ema Andrea, Tinka Kurti, Margarita Xhepa, Viktor Zhusti, etc.

NY Elite: What has been your favorite film you have been part of?

Lulzim Guhelli: To be honest, I can’t single out any because all has its importance and impact to me.

NY Elite: Where else have you played leading role?

Lulzim Guhelli: In film “Bodrumi”.

NY Elite: What other types of movies would you be interested in filming?

Lulzim Guhelli: I love all movie genres and I don’t mind playing in any of those. As far as I love the character, genre is not big deal… even I feel much comfortable into the drama, adventure and action movies.


NY Elite: What hidden talents do you have? 

Lulzim Guhelli: Hidden talents?!… hmmmm… I know that I have talent on making clay sculptures because I did some before, also singing because I used to sing and still sing but not for the public lol, and I think that I have a hidden talent on modification of old furniture… I love doing that.

NY Elite: What personal advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue this career?

Lulzim Guhelli: My personal advice? Okay… “Dream will remain dream if you only dream… but if you work on a dream than dream will become reality. So it’s up to you if the dream exists.”

NY Elite: What can we expect from you in 2016?

Lulzim Guhelli: In 2016 I hope to see 4 premieres of the movies I played: “Zonjusha” – by Genc Berisha, “A dream” – by Boštjan Slatenšek, “Teuta Artik Burada Yaşamiyor” – by Murat Vela Derman and “The Chrysalis” – by Marco Ledó Escartín. Beside those premieres, at the end of 2016 I will be honored to be part of the newest NETFLIX 2017 TV show “Clash Of The Vampires” produced by DeShazer Films directed by Eric DeShazer with a great producer Maisha Mrald Johnson and with a great cast such as Edi Mehana, Harold Dennis, Shannon Lee, Jaclyn Francine, Sriram Parthasarathy, Arianna Lexus, Matt Thomas Moore, etc.








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