Matteo Brento in New York with his new single written by Michele Bisceglia


Singer, songwriter Matteo Brento [Photo by Salvatore Favia, Style by Michele Russo) (

The Apulian singer, already known to the public as the successful finalist of X-Factor Albania, will present his new single in the Big Apple, titled #21 (Goodbye My Love), written by Michele Bisceglia, during the Albanian Fashion Week NY in March.

From X-Factor to the Big Apple is a short step to success, very short for Matteo Brento. The now European famous pop rock singer Matteo Brento will soon make his live U.S.A. debut with the New York Show. Brento’s representatives have told the entertainment press that his live performance from New York City will take place on 27 March 2016. His U.S. management has announced that Brento will perform at the fashion show during Albanian Fashion Week NY (25-30 March), organized by Mrika Krasniqi.

“We are very honored to have the successful Italian singer Matteo Brento, a native of Gargano, present at this historic and prestigious international event, Albanian Fashion Week in New York. We will bring high-quality Albanian fashion from around the world and also provide the highest level of entertainment.” said Mrika Krasniqi, Founder and CEO of Albanian Fashion Agency.

“When I got invited to participate at the Albanian Fashion Week NY I was extremely happy. I am very honored to receive this invitation and I will always be thankful to the amazing organizer and CEO Mrika Krasniqi for considering me for this special event. I am excited to do my very best for the performance so I can best represent Italian culture and art in United States. I would like to thank my fans from Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, USA, and everyone who has been very loyal to my music and especially my hometown Monte Sant’Angelo,” said the X-Factor Star, Matteo Brento.


Mrika Krasniqi, CEO and Founder of Albanian Fashion Agency (

The pop rock star Matteo Brento will unleash his debut single #21 (Goodbye my love) at the world capitol of music and fashion – New York City. The new single is written and composed by the award-winning artist Michele Bisceglia, writer and showrunner of ‘IF. The song is arranged by Alessandro Di Lascia in collaboration with vocal coach Cristina Bisceglia.

“It was a real pleasure to work with Matteo Brento, not only for his great artistic value but also for his charming humanity, and I am excited and honored to write and compose for him. We bonded artistically and are currently working together on the song we will present to “Kënga Magjike” event late this year. This will be tailored to the vocal strength and subtle elegance of this wonderful singer,” said the talented Michele Bisceglia, winner of “Best Original Song”.

Earlier this year, Matteo Brento was acclaimed as the “Prince of Pop Rock”, appearing on the cover of the famous NY Elite Magazine in New York and making headlines in the prestigious Star People Magazine in Albania. “Elegant, Classy but still rock” writes Touch Fashion Magazine in Tirana, while GWN Magazine in London named Matteo as the up-and-coming international pop rock star, and an “outstanding musician with a stunning voice and commanding presence”. Matteo Brento is traveling to New York from March 24-30, accompanied by his manager Armando Roberto. (

“New York will mark an important step towards the success of my music career. It is the start of a great collaboration with renowned author Michele Bisceglia, founder of ‘IF. He is the author of my two new songs; #21 (Goodbye My Love) which I will present in New York, and a second song for Kënga Magjike in Albania. In New York I will also shoot my new videoclip for #21 (Goodbye my Love),” stated singer, songwriter Matteo Brento.

“I am extremely honored that Matteo has chosen my song to perform in America. I wrote ‘#21 (Goodbye My Love)’ to commemorate the birth of my twins Giovanni and Giulia Marie. I am most fond of this song because of the important meaning it carries to me and it makes me feel extremely proud, especially that Matteo will sing it in New York, the center of contemporary music world. I can visualize the sequence in my mind and the sound of his voice singing my verses. It unleashes a mix of emotions which is hard to describe, but very special and meaningful,” said Michele Bisceglia.

michele bisceglia 2_photo by Salvatore Favia

Michele Bisceglia, renowned Italian Author, Composer, Lyricist and Singer

The artist’s entourage confirmed that Matteo Brento is already working with his author Michele Bisceglia, who is writing the song to attend at Kënga Magjike this year, the famous Albanian music festival, in many ways equivalent to Sanremo Italian Festival.

Rossela Matteo Armando

Matteo Brento with this sister Rossela, and with his friend and manager Armando Roberto (Tirana, Albania)


Matteo Brento, X Factor Albania


** Read this interview in Italian:

Da Tirana a New York: Matteo Brento nella grande mela presenterà il suo nuovo singolo #21 (Goodbye My Love)



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