Today’s Albanian Woman: Fashion Week NY

Mrika Krasniqi is an award-winning filmmakers and entrepreneur, who is recognized for having a critical eye in art, film and fashion. Mrika is a great representation of the Albanian and American success story.  

Mrika Krasniqi is the CEO and Founder of Nil Production, Albanian Fashion Agency and New York Albanian Film Week. She is also Cofounder of the Different NGO, making projects on human rights, anti-domestic violence, anti-trafficking of human beings, in cooperation with USAID, UNDP, OSCE, US Embassy, etc. In cinematography Mrika Krasniqi has cooperated with  international film studios, such as ZoneX, Imagine-Picture, IDFA, National Geographic, etc. She cooperated in the National Geographic Environment Protection Program –documentary film production in Columbia and wider.

Mrika Krasniqi CEO, Albanian Fashion Agency (Foto nga Jehona Abrashi)

Mrika Krasniqi, CEO of Albanian Fashion Agency (Photo by Jehona Abrashi)

After the success of the film festival Albanian Film Week in New York, Mrika Krasniqi for the first time is bringing in New York Albanian Fashion Week, organized by Albanian Fashion Agency. This grand historic event taking place in Manhattan, is empowering women through fashion. Albanian Fashion Week features works of both men and women designers. Albanian Fashion Show will take place on Sunday, March 27, 2016 from 4:00PM-9:00PM.

“We hope to bridge geographic boundaries, empower Albanian women and boost the economy here in New York.  The designs that will be showcased during the catwalk of the Albanian Fashion Show blend the works of talented men and women. There is a need to bring the European and American market closer. Through success we can support business women in developing countries in the Balkans such as Albania and Kosovo, as well as bring great opportunities here in US,” said Mrika Krasniqi, organizer of the Albanian Fashion Week New York.

Albanian Fashion Agency (AFA) is collaborating with NGO Arta to empower women through fashion in support of Kosovar women survivors of war. The Association of Albanian-American Women “Marigona” in New Jersey announced their support for AFA and women’s economic empowerment and fashion.

“Albanian Fashion Agency is happy to announce our collaboration with ‘Marigona’. AFA values the role and contribution of women in society, art and business. We want to empower women be creative, be leaders in their workforce and become powerful businesswomen,”said Mrika Krasniqi, founder of Albanian Fashion Agency.

“The Association of Albanian-American Women “Marigona” would like to thank Mrika Krasniqi for the opportunity to collaborate on “Albanian Fashion Show,” coming together to support and encourage Albanian talent in design,” said Sabije Dervishi Veseli, Director of “Marigona”.


The Association of Albanian-American Women “Marigona” (AAAWM), was created on January 16, 2016. It is headed by Sabije Dervishi Veseli, including Zera Musliu, Gonxhe Meta and Ike Bajrami in its board.

“The AAAWM presents, submits, and supports ideas, goals, and aspirations, to benefit the status of Albanian-American women within social integration, to promote the realization of freedoms and human rights, and to ensure advancement of the status of Albanian women. It supports and presents activities and events that have related aspects of humanity and human aid, Albanian culture, and education,” added Sabije Dervishi Veseli.

Albanian Fashion Show will take place on Sunday, March 27, 2016. To reserve your ticket visit EventBrite.


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