The United International Film Festival 2016 Best Red Carpet

The United International Film Festival (UIFF) celebrates outstanding, original and exceptional works in film from all genres (short & feature), music videos, commercials, etc, video and animation. Its primary mission is to advance the work of independent artists in film and to share their stories with the world. The festival strives to present a program of new international cinema from filmmakers from across the globe. 

The 2nd Annual Red Carpet United International Film Festival, held in Hollywood on 6 March 2016, attracted Hollywood stars and aspiring filmmakers and it presented an excellent program full of innovative and compelling works. The Red Carpet Event and the Opening Night Gala held in Hollywood was hosted by the beautiful and talented actress/writer Amy Cox. The event was managed by the brilliant Jaden Hwang, Event Director and CEO of Mind!Control Entertainment. Festival Director Klement Tinaj said that he aims to promote the expanding film community in Hollywood and energize the creative spirit there by integrating the next generation of global filmmakers at the center of the entertainment and film industry.

“At UIFF we receive submissions from all across the world. Our nominees are not based on ethnicity, religion, race, gender or sexual orientation but instead we make our selections based on performance, quality and the story. As an actor & filmmaker I understand the hard work and commitment each and every single filmmaker put to produce their projects,” said Klement Tinaj, director of The United International Film Festival.

 “It is an honor to have known Amy Cox as the UIFF host. Jaden Hwang is the best event director I ever worked with. To all the UIFF staff and crew thank you so much for the great event. Raleigh Studios Hollywood – thank you for the support. Both US and international press & media thank you for covering UIFF on March 6, 2016. I am super excited for the July 30&31 UIFF festival in New York. All the nominees will be out at least three weeks before the event. I look forward to another great event in the heart of New York City. I will bring some special guests with me,” added Klement Tinaj.

The biggest winners of UIFF 2016 were: “The Weight of Blood and Bones” winner of Best Film and Best Director (dir. Chris Ekstein); “One Night in Hollywood” winner of Best Supporting Actor (Ian Buchanan) and Best Editing (J Scott Harvey and Augie Hess); “Orgy of the Damned” winner of Best Leading Actor in a Drama (Domiziano Arcangeli) and Best Cinematography (Mirco Sgarzi); “Permission” winner of Best Leading Actor in a Comedy (Roman Xing); “Missalignment” winner of Best Actress (Nicole Nelson)Clearance” winner of Best Screenplay (dir. Joud Kashgari);  “A Snot Adventure” winner of Best Animation (Ning Cheng); “The Moment I was Alone” winner of Award of Merit (dir. Kellen Gibbs); and “First Love” winner of Award of Recognition (dir. Nicolas Raganto); and Let’s Dance to the Rhythm” winner of Best Music.

On July 30-31, 2016 UIFF is bringing the biggest night of Hollywood to New York City. Submissions are now open on Filmfreeway.

On the Red Carpet with The United International Film Festival (UIFF) in Hollywood
















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