Nora Muja Wins Miss Intercontinental Kosovo

Nora Muja is chosen as Miss Intercontinental Kosovo for 2015-2016. Born in Cologne, Germany Nora says she is very proud to represent the newest country in the world in an international event.

Being  Miss or to model in this Show Business, for me is just a passion, because my profession is different. I am a Law student in International Criminal law at the University of Cologne, Germany, said Nora Muja for NY Elite Magazine.

Nora started her modeling career at age 13. She won “Miss Ulqini” followed by “Miss Bukuria e Ulqinit” in 2009.

In the following interview with NY Elite, Nora Muja talks about how she started her career as a model, her favorite moments and her plans for 2016.


NY Elite Exclusive Interview with Nora Muja, Miss Intercontinental Kosovo

NY Elite: Tell us about your career as model. How did you get started?

Few years ago, I was on vacation in Ulcinj, Montenegro with my family. There was being held a competition for the most beautiful woman of the city. My sister was the one who insisted that I should be part of that competition. At the beginning, I wasn’t excited but then,in the final round, the professional jury chose me to be the new Miss Ulcinj. That was my first big step in this business!

NY Elite: Tell us about the type of modeling you are doing?

Not only I represent my country Kosovo,but  I’m also the image for some companies.

I have promoted very expensive accessories for awell known Jewelry at the ModaVision in Germany.

Apart from this, I also advertise for a company called Illyrian Clothing.

NY Elite: What has been the highlight of your career so far?

Even if I win other Miss titles I will always emphasize my participation at Miss Intercontinental Kosovo.


NY Elite: What is your dream modeling job? 

Representing Kosovo at Miss Intercontinental for me is not enough. My dream is to represent my country at Miss Universe.

NY Elite: How would you define your personal style?

A Miss has to be a lady and has to be dressed up in a classy style. My style was always like that, so, in a way, I think I was born for this job. That’s also the reason why it’s my passion.

NY Elite: How would you define your personal style?

I can call my style unique because I dress in such a way that I feel comfortable. I want to emphasize that the last travels around the world,where I met different cultures and fashions, have also inspired my own style.

NY Elite: Who are some of your favorite models and designers, and why?

I have some favorite fashion stores and designers but I wouldn’t like to specify them, because every designer has done a great job, even thought I don’t always dress myself at them.


NY Elite: How has modeling changed other aspects of your life?

My Miss title didn’t change a thing concerning my private life, but to be honest, fame can make you feel much more excited. I have to say that being Miss offers you more opportunities in Show Business.

I get a lot of requests not only for modeling but also in other fields. To mentionjust one invitation from the ZamaniBrothers, the directors of an HollywoodMovie called “Euro Kings”. There I acted as the dreamgirl of one of the movie protagonists. The other protagonist was the brother of Julia Roberts, Eric Roberts. They filmed in Salzburg, Austria and LA, California. The movie will be shown the following month at the American and European cinemas.

NY Elite: What advice do you have for other aspiring models?

My advice to every woman would be that they should follow their dreams. Everyone has to have self-confidence, because everyone of us is beautiful in her own way, but they have to show it in front of the world.

Take your beauty as your power, and your success is guaranteed.

NY Elite: What projects are you doing for 2016?

All this successes took me to the spotlight. Regarding my agenda for this year, I want to underline my participation as a special guest at the Prishtina Fashion Week in Kosovo. Even though I study law and I have specialized in providing legal advice for immigrants in Germany, I will continue my passion for modeling.







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