Julian Gjaci wears traditional Bora Balaj Designs

Albanian top designer Bora Balaj presented her traditional wear at the “Fashion Show By Bora Balaj” which took place in Connecticut on Sunday, April 3, 2016. The collection featured beautiful traditional clothes, including captivating wedding dresses and accessories and folk wear that capture the rich colors of Albanian embroidery.

Award-winning artist Julian Gjaci took over the runway wearing traditional wear from Mirdita, a district in northern Albania.

“It was an honor to take part in Bora Balaj’s fashion show. Representing an important part of historical and cultural Albanian heritage the fashion show showcased traditional wear from different Albanian regions for both men and women.

What makes the Albanian traditional clothes unique that stand out from the other areas in the Balkans is the embroidery and the beautiful handwork. The folk traditional dresses are very colorful and rich in detail,” said successful actor, model, choreographer and dancer Julian Gjaci.

“I also had the pleasure to see Bora Balaj’s design at the Albanian Fashion Show organized by Mrika Krasniqi of Albanian Fashion Agency. And the traditional clothes were the highlight of the show,” added Julian Gjaci.

Julian Gjaci won first place as “Solo Artist” and has had a successful career in both dancing and film. He completed his BA in Acting at the Tirana University and took acting classes at the well known TVI Actor Studio in New York.

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Julian Gjaci “Burri i Mirdites” (Mirdita Man) Wear



Actor, Dancer, Choreographer Julian Gjaci




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