Sara Shala Designs: Classy and Elegant Handcrafted Jewelry


Sara Shala is a Kosovo-born jewelry designer, based in New York. She recently showcased her latest designs during fashion week in New York held in Times Squares, a sold-out event. At Albanian Fashion Week NY designer Sara Shala presented her mesmerizing trends with tasteful and classy accessories that you are sure to fall in love with. Her eye-catching  jewelry pieces captivated the show and the audience.

“Since the early age I was ambitious to get ahead and at the age of 16 I got my first part time job while attending school, which was the first step towards becoming an independent girl. I was driven to succeed and I believe in the saying of Paulo Coelho’s that is; “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.’ The strong will to succeed gave me the opportunity to move to US so I could thrive as an entrepreneur and my creative side could blossom,” said designer Sara Shala.

“Since I can remember I have had these designs in my head that I had to get out, and being an assistant at Vitae Ascendere Jewelry where we do 3D printing of the jewelry and custom design, I knew it was my chance to put my ideas into sketches. The rest is history!” added Sara Shala.

Sara_Shala_545A1677 copy

Designer Sara Shala

NY Elite Exclusive Interview with Jewelry Designer Sara Shala

NY Elite: What sparked your interest in fashion?

Sara Shala: Ever since I came to the US I started working in some of the most prestigious fashion houses in New York City. Being surrounded with beautiful fashion and design in these fashion stores, whether it was in the sales department or as a private shopper, this was a start in my creative career as a designer.

NY Elite: Define Fashion

Sara Shala: Fashion is a form of art. Fashion to me is something that shows confidence, but also can be distracting.

It is a sense of style and attitude that defines a person, be it a simple style or something extravagant.

NY Elite: How would you describe your personal style?  

Sara Shala: I would say it is feminine, sophisticated with an edge.

Coming from Kosovo, it is ingrained in me to be feminine. An Albanian woman wouldn’t even go to a grocery without looking glamorous.

NY Elite: What’s your latest fashion design project?

Sara Shala: Since my goal is to always make fine jewelry pieces that transition from day to night, this time my newest collection is a balance of modern designs with traditional elegance, which will also be more affordable.

diamond earrings

Diamond Earring, Design by Sara Shala

NY Elite: Where do you find inspiration for each collection?

Sara Shala: Traveling abroad and living in New York City I was inspired by the diverse mix of culture, lifestyle, friends and so on. NYC is a very visual, creative, fun and dramatic place with amazing architecture and skyline, so even just from a walk down the block I get inspired.

NY Elite: How was last season for you? What did you create?

Sara Shala: Last season was very successful for me. I had a show in Art Basel in Miami, which gathers the most prestigious art collectors and artists from around the world. I was blessed to showcase my designs that I created specifically for this show. That opened lots of doors for me. Following that I got an invitation to present my jewelry in New York Fashion Week in March, which is the largest fashion show industry event. My jewelry creations were featured alongside multiple international designers. This was an honor for me that as an Albanian designer I was able to present with international designers that inspire me.

My jewelry was also featured in Albanian Fashion Show, first of its kind, held in NYC, which I was proud to show my designs with my fellow Albanian designers and to be close to my Albanian roots.


Bracelet, Design by Sara Shala

NY Elite: Who inspires you the most in fashion? Anyone who stands out?

Sara Shala: Some of my favorite designers that I find inspiration from are: Chanel, Oscar de La Renta jewelry, YSL for their timeless and chic style. I also get inspired by famed architects of the world such as Frank Lloyd Wright and Zaha Hadid.

NY Elite: What advice would you give to aspiring fashion designers? 

Sara Shala: Love what you do, be persistent and know that it will happen. See it as a passion and not as work and you will be inspired everywhere and everyday.

NY Elite: What are your plans for the future? 

Sara Shala: My plan is to keep designing beautiful things and continue to grow my business and help my Foundation, which was created based on personal experience. It all started when my baby sister Gjina Shala got diagnosed with Acute Leukemia at age 13 in Kosovo. At this point my family’s mission and mine was to save Gjina’s life. Within two months with the help of all goodhearted friends, family and people from all over the world we raised 250,000 Euros and Gjina was able to be transferred to Germany for her treatment. Today, I am happy to say that she is cancer free. With Gjina’s wish we have decided to keep the Foundation going so we can raise money for other children’s treatment that have been diagnosed with cancer and are not able to get treatment.

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Choker, Design by Sara Shala



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