AFW announces official selections for 2016

Albanian Film Week (AFW) announced the line of films for its fifth edition this fall. The official selections include 25 films, featuring feature films, short films and documentary films produced in the last two years.

Founder and Director of AFW festival Mrika Krasniqi said that “we are excited about the selection this year and screenings of Albanian Film Week in Manhattan. The selection committee chose 25 films out of 137 submissions. People will be impressed and very excited to see these films.”

AFW upcoming event is planned for September 16th to 20th -2016 in New York showcasing Albanian artists and works of foreign artists whose works present Albanian related stories.


Albanian Film Week began in 2012 to present in New York a diversity of Albanian cinematic creation from around the world. The festival has been successful in drawing attention from audiences and international media and its previous four editions were received very well in town.

AFW festival has an interesting competition selection. The full lineup of films for this year’s festival is below. For more information visit

Albanian Film Week 2016 Official Selections

-Letrat/Juliet Stivenson
-Crom / Bujar Alimani
-Zonjusha / Genc Berisha
-Nje pike gjaku / Bekim Guri
-A tough day in NY/Sabri Pajaziti
-Besa e Kostandinit / Bashkim Myftari
-Buka / Blerta Kelmendi
-Capsule / Irid Kaso
-Tradheti me letra / Valmir Tertini
-Cheers / Norika Sefa
-Kornize / Donjeta Hyseni
-Life of a Carousel / Elkjana Gjipali
-Mëngë Këmishe / Suela Bako
-Red Fire / Jotti Ejlli
-Te paftuar / Roland Uruci
-The Conversation / Gledis Bica
-Miriam / Majlinda Samadragja
– The War Waves / Ardit Sadiku
-XOX/ Gerhard Boeckeler
-Humanisti i Heshtur / Merita Çoçoli
-Një zë nga Bukureshti / Leotrim Idrizi
-Nën Duvak / Entela Hoxha
-One, two monologies / Blerina Goce
-Trapped By Law / Sami Mustafa
– Bota e Afrimit/ Ben Apolloni


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