Greta & Vilma Show: Learn, Laugh, Achieve and Empower

The weekly episodes of Greta & Vilma Show explore various topics about people, what shapes our thoughts and about life in general. The episodes address important questions about relationships, moral values, and the quality of life. The Greta & Vilma You Tube Channel is a hub of empower learning where you can discover your potential.

Soon the channel will feature a filmmaking series, in addition to the Greta & Vilma Show, that offers great insight and expert advise on filmmaking, movie festivals, and how to make it to the big screen. Created by award-winning artists Greta Zenelaj and Vilma Zenelaj, Greta and Vilma Show captures your attention, explores life lessons that inspire the power to change and achieve.

Exclusive Interview with filmmakers and entertainers, Greta and Vilma Zenelaj 

What is Greta and Vilma Channel about?

Greta Zenelaj: We have seen several successful stories on YouTube and how many have achieved recognition for their talent. In October 2016 we wanted to put our hands on a project that kept us busy every week. That’s how the idea of starting our own YouTube channel came about.

We started with Greta & Vilma Show which has four episodes but the channel itself will have more than the show. Since we have experience in filmmaking, YouTube allows us to share our experiences with others that want to learn about certain things, in this case filmmaking and hopefully help passionate artists about dos and don’ts while filming.

Every week we are posting episodes so many can follow us through the YouTube Channel. Simply search us under Greta & Vilma and then subscribe to the channel to be notified when to view the new episodes.

What shows are you currently working on?

Vilma Zenelaj: As we previously mentioned right now we are working on long series that will explain in detail how to make a film from an idea/story to the big screen. Having had experience for over 8 years in filmmaking and being part of the festival circle we have tremendous insight that we feel blessed to share and help others.

So everyone that subscribes to our channel will also receive free downloads (booklets) on what we will be covering on a certain episode. Be sure to keep looking for the filmmaking series that’s coming in a couple of weeks.

Who are the people behind the Greta and Vilma show?

Greta Zenelaj: Honestly it’s just Vilma and I at this time. For the Greta and Vilma Show we had a small but very talented crew that helped us with camera, hair & make up, editing and a wonderful studio that fit our needs perfectly.

What is the significance of doing the show? What inspired the Greta and Vilma Show?

Vilma Zenelaj: Well, we wanted to start with something fun at the beginning of our channel. That’s why we have four episodes that have pretty important topics and are important subjects to us. We discuss about Love, Lying, success and family. These four topics are important together and have been the core of our life. Love that comes from God, Lying is a big NO, honesty is always the best policy, success should be shared with others and family is important since we are sisters and come from the same family.

How do you choose the topics for each episode?

Greta Zenelaj: Well, I think Vilma did a good job at summing it up on the previous question. Topics came from what we have known and experience. It’s easier to talk about what you know and are familiar with. The YouTube Channel will give us a great opportunity to share other topics and even small stuff that can benefit others. For example we have this great mask that we make with yogurt and yeast.

We want to make an episode of that because it has really made our skin better. So the YouTube Channel will empowers us to make creative enjoyable videos that will benefit our views and subscribers.

What was the first movie you wrote and directed?

Vilma Zenelaj: I wrote ‘What Do I Do Now?I’ve written ‘In the Woods’ and ‘Eagle/Shqipe’. Last year (2016) we wrote a beautiful true story about faith. We plan to direct the film together. I can’t wait since it’s going to be amazing to have Greta in the director’s chair and collaborating creatively.

What else have you been working on?

Greta Zenelaj: The YouTube Channel is keeping us pretty busy and so we still are working on Eagle/Shqipe and as Vilma mentioned the faith based true story, which is a very exciting script.

You have directed and produced award-winning movies. As a director, how do you approach each show? What is the process like?

Vilma Zenelaj: I have to feel connected to the story or relate to it in some level. If I know the story and I feel passionate about it, it’s easier to tell that story through the camera lenses. Storytelling has its formula and there are steps in telling a great story. That’s why it’s so important for many to subscribe to our channel to learn more about filmmaking.

Eagle (Shqipe) movie, Colored Films

Eagle (Shqipe) movie, Colored Films

How did you first get involved in acting? Which one has been your favorite project so far?

Greta Zenelaj: Eagle/Shqipe has been my favorite film to work on since it’s very personal, things that I have experience as a student in Albania and as an immigrant in US. I relate to this film very well. It’s going to be a huge success on the big screen.

What is next for you?

Greta Zenelaj:  We are looking forward to what the YouTube channel will offer us. Right now, the sky is the limit and it’s great to be in this position.


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