The Lucky One

TLO-Art-thumbnailThe Lucky One is a play directed by Jesse Marchese. It opens April 14th through June 25th at the The Beckett Theatre at Theatre Row (410 West 42nd Street, between 9th and 10th Ave). 

THE LUCKY ONE is the timeless story of antagonism between two brothers: Gerald, who stands in the sun and Bob, who stands in Gerald’s shadow. When Bob finds himself in serious legal trouble, he turns to Gerald for rescue. When Gerald fails to come through, years of simmering resentment boil over in a confrontation that is as stirring as it is surprising.

Alan Alexander Milne had been the assistant editor and a regular contributor to Punch Magazine for ten years before he joined the war effort at the age of 32, as a signals officer. It was in the Army that Milne first turned his hand to playwriting, which he considered a luxury for a journalist. “When an article is written,” Milne explained, “the financial reward is a matter of certainty…But when a play is written, there is no certainty of anything save disillusionment…I thought I could write one (we all do) but I could not afford so unpromising a gamble. But once in the Army the case was altered.”

As a soldier, Milne felt entitled to spend his leisure time as he wished, and he began writing plays. His earliest efforts were published in 1919 in a volume called First Plays. Milne remarked in the Introduction, “THE LUCKY ONE was doomed from the start with a name like that…I see no hope of its being produced.”

Despite Milne’s prediction THE LUCKY ONE was produced in 1922 in New York, his sixth Broadway production in less than two years, including Mr. Pim Pases By and The Truth About Blayds, both produced by the Mint. A.A. Milne was now “that extraordinarily brilliant theatrical prospect,” and provoking envy and dismay from fellow playwrights:

“Something, preferably of a harsh nature, will have to be done about Mr. Milne. He is steadily monopolizing the theatres of the habitable globe for the performance of his plays…He has not yet taken possession of the sixty theatres of New York, but if he continues to occupy them at his present pace, the whole lot will soon be labelled, ‘Reserved for Mr. Milne!” (St. John Ervine, The Observer)

  • Tuesday – Saturday 7:30pm
  • Saturday & Sunday 2:00pm
  • Wednesday 5/17 & 5/31 at 2:00pm
  • No performance 5/30.


Paton Ashbrook
Ari Brand
Andrew Fallaize
Michael Frederic
Robert David Grant
Wynn Harmon
Cynthia Harris
Deanne Lorette
Peggy J. Scott
Mia Hutchinson-Shaw


  • Directing Jesse Marchese
  • Sets Vicki R. Davis
  • Costumes Martha Hally
  • Lights Christian DeAngelis
  • Sound Toby Algya
  • Props Joshua Yocom
  • Dialects and Dramaturgy Amy Stoller
  • Casting Stephanie Klapper, CSA
  • Production Stage Manager Jeff Meyers
  • Assistant Stage Manager Kelly Burns
  • Illustration Stefano Imbert
  • Graphics Hey Jude Design, Inc.
  • Advertising The Pekoe Group
  • Press David Gersten & Associates

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