Singer Festina Mejzini from local success in Kosovo to international stardom

Singer Festina Mejzini headlined in several singing competitions and festivals in Albania and Kosovo, including: X-Factor Albania, Festivali ‘’Kenga Ime’’, Top Fest ’10, Festivali’ “100 vjet muzike”, Festivali “Kenga Magjike’’ and the RTSH Festival. Her performance at the RTSH festival of ‘’Atje Lart’’ was talked about as a favorite to represent Albania at Eurovision. She placed 3rd in X-Factor Albania in 2012. 

Festina is making great strides towards stardom. There’s a lot of buzz surrounding her upcoming international project. The talented singer announced a new song project coming soon with a well-known Swedish producer.

“I am looking forward to this new collaboration. I am very excited to where my career is headed,” said Festina Mejzini. “Growing up I preferred rock, however my taste in music and style has changed with my age and maturity. During X-Factor 5 years ago I even tried rap, which was rare back then in Albania for a female artist to sing rap/hip-hop. I enjoy different styles of music, however I find myself in reggae, jazz/folk and RnB,” added Festina.

Festina started singing at the age of 15, when she was living in Sweden. Born in Gjakova, Kosovo now the singer resides in Tirana where she is pursuing her studies. Check out her musicvideo of “Festa” here, a production of 042 Zone.



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