Gent Mehmeti in the new play directed by Afërdita Nuhiji

Gent Mehmeti is a very talented aspiring young artist from Macedonia who is passionate about film, theater, writing and music. As a talented student of the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, in Tetovo, Macedonia, Gent says that he has gained confidence and a new life through acting and his performances. He has taken part as an improv performing artist in several projects. 

“Currently I am working on a new play by Tennesse Williams – This property is condemned at the acting academy. I will also be playing at the play “The arrangement”, written by Neil Simon, directed by Afërdita Nuhiji. The director Afërdita Nuhiji is very great and she makes us feel like a family along with the other actors. As a student of arts I have many interests, and I am excited to pursue acting and film as a career path,” said actor and artist Gent Mehmeti for Ny Elite.


Actor, writer, artist Gent Mehmeti

Gent Mehmeti started writing poetry at a very young age. He won second place in Macedonia, on the World Book Day. In 2016 he won third place on Poetry Day competition in Tetovo. Another passion of his is photography, where he has served as a volunteer for the education center “American Corner Macedonia”.  Gent Mehmeti was awarded for his photography work by the US Embassy in Macedonia. Gent is passionate working with young kids, motivating them to achieve their goals and dreams in life. He also volunteers at many organizations, including American Corner, Youth Group of Tetovo (Mof), Josif Bageri, USAID and “Loja,” the Center for Balkan Cooperation Loja.

“In 2016 I had the opportunity to be involved with the Center for Balkan Cooperation Loja. I was very excited to organize a poetry event, Loja’s Poetry Slam to get the youth involved in arts and literature and to promote harmony between Albanian and Macedonian cultures in Macedonia. I believe art is the way forward to best promote culture,” added writer, poet, and artist Gent Mehmeti.


The Center for Balkan Cooperation LOJA

Besides acting, theater and film, Gent also loves music. He was a contestant in X-Factor Albania and is interested to pursue writing and music. He plans to publish his first book in the near future. His first film is “Tinder Date gone wrong” and is currently taking part in the play “This property is condemned”, by playwright, Tennesse Williams. He is also playing in the another play directed by outstanding director Afërdita Nuhiji, titled “The arrangement”, written by Neil Simon.

“I am very thankful to my mentor and professor Qëndrim Rijani, who has inspired me to pursue film and directing. He showed me the beauty of art and theatre and I fell in love with it ever since I saw his play “Art”. Thanks to professor Rijani, I have developed as an actor and artist, and also as person in my everyday life. I would like to thank him for being such a great inspiration in my life,” said actor Gent Mehmeti for NY Elite.


Director Qëndrim Rijani and Gent Mehmeti


Gent Mehmeti, Sotiraq Bratko and Fitim Selimi


Gent Mehmeti


Gent Mehmeti


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