Meet the artist: Interview with Photographer Adriatik Berdaku

2Adriatik Berdaku is a known photographer and videographer. He began his career as a film maker and videographer in Albania in 1995. In 2000 he moved to Italy, where he collaborated with various national and internationals TV. In 2006 he founded his own business, AJvideo Studio.

Some of his career highlights include New York Fashion Week, Albanian Fashion Week in NY, various television programs for RAI, Mediaset, SKY, LA7, United Nations, etc.

In 2007 Adriatik Berdaku took part in the National Albanian Competition “Netet e klipit 2007”, dedicated to video clips, winning first prize for the best story and second place of televotes with the music video of the singer-songwriter Joe Artid Fejzo.

His photography also won the Cultural Prize, in the international competition in Italy.

“I was born in Kruja, by two wonderful parents, my father was a Director of Art for about 33 years in Kruje, who has had many different artistic collaborations in Tirana and USA. I grew up with the artistic spirit in our family. I started the profession of video operator (Videomaker) in my hometown Kruje when I was just 15 years old. I had some collaborations with Shijak TV, Kruje TV at the time and later I founded my own Studio of video production. I worked until 2000 in Albania then I decided to go to Italy to pursue my dream.”

“I am passionate about photography and videos, it is my profession now. There is nothing more beautiful than loving your job. I like to travel and to document what I see, describing always through photography. I always want to do business trips, so I can enjoy the journey through photography,” said Adriatik Berdaku for NY Elite.


Adriatik Berdaku


NY Elite Interview with Photographer Adriatik Berdaku

NY Elite: When did you know Photography would be your career of choice?

Adriatik Berdaku: The first time I discovered the passion about the photography was in 1997 when I was going home with my father, walking through the roads of Kruja full of olive trees. I noticed the moon, I remember it was shinning and more beautiful and red than before. At that moment, I said to my father, wouldn’t it be great if I capture this moment with a camera. Another passion of mine is video, which is now a very important part of my life.

NY Elite: How did you get your start in the industry?

Adriatik Berdaku: I started to work at the age of 15  in Albania. It has been 22 years that I have been in this profession. It was not easy leaving Albania and moving to another country, where I would do everything by myself. I found it extremely difficult at first. I am glad I had the opportunity to work for some of the most famous Italian and International televisions.

I managed to learn from the experiences of other artists who worked for RAI, MEDIASET or other TV channels. I grew up watching these stations in Albania, and it felt like I was living in a dream to work for them.

Since 2012 , twice a year I have been in USA with the Italian television LA7 to follow the New York Fashion Week, Alta Moda Designers, LACOSTE, RALPH LAUREN, DIESEL, CUSTO BARCELONA, TOM BROWN, MONCLER and many other designers.

It is an incredible experience to be part of such big events as a photographer or a video, to know about the latest fashion news and also to meet designers.

photographer adriatik berdaku -119

Designer Francesca Liberatore, Photography by Adriatik Berdaku

NY Elite: What type of photography do you do?

Adriatik Berdaku: My biggest passion is street photography. I have found myself in this type of photography. I also do fashion events, weddings, etc.

I like the photographs starting from its format, the lighting and cutting, composition, stamping or reading. There is art inside each  photography, regardless how it has been realized or what it captures.

NY Elite: How would you describe your style? 

Adriatik Berdaku: I don’t think that I have my own style which is unique but I have personalized my style from the hundreds of collaborations during my 22 years of work experience. I have always searched to get the best from the artists and those who are  passionate about photography.

I can say that my photography style is a little bit experimental and  spontaneous, but not without rules and always based on the client’s character that I have in front of me.

NY Elite: What is it that interests you most about photography?

Adriatik Berdaku: This is a very interesting question that I have never been asked before. Art has a lot of ways of communication whether as voice or figurative, one of the ways is through photography. In my photos I try to express a feeling or a reality that I see and I want to make it memorable. So my intention is to express and forward my feelings to the others through photography, whether it is black and white or colored.

photographer adriatik berdaku -55

Hugo Boss Fashion Show, Photography by Adriatik Berdaku

NY Elite: What type of cameras do you shoot with?

Adriatik Berdaku: Since 2002 I use Canon camera, I feel comfortable about the technology and working with it. It provides me security while working. I have used all types of cameras such as RED and ARRI. I had the opportunity to try them because I had collaborated for different television programs or movies, also when I made my productions like music videos, documentaries, different various events, etc.

NY Elite: Are there any new exciting projects that you are working on or have lined up in the near future?

Adriatik Berdaku: I have been involved in Fashion in United States, and now I am   waiting a collaboration with an international media. I also have some offers in the photography field, related to fashion. I will be focusing more on television or cinematographic productions.

NY Elite: Where do you draw your inspiration?

Adriatik Berdaku: My father inspires me. I am inspired by everything I look in the street or everyday life situations. They are a part of us, so I want to fix through photography, and to keep them in my memory.

NY Elite: If you could take your art in any direction where would it lead you? What new thing would you try?

Adriatik Berdaku: I am not a person that wants to be like somebody else or to achieve all my goals. I want others to see my art work, appreciate and value it. In my art work I try to create what I see and feel. My biggest dream is an experience in Hollywood studio.

NY Elite: What would be some tips you would give to a beginning photographer?

Adriatik Berdaku: People have asked me to teach photograph classes or to do different articles. But in my opinion everybody have  their own style. What I can suggest to a beginner is to have a lot of experience, but also to make mistakes, why not? All of us  have made mistakes, we can learn from it. Nowadays with digital photography, we have the opportunity to test and learn with a very low financial budget.

We can start from a mobile phone which is now an inseparable part of our life. Shooting a lot of things, watching how other photographers work and how they express they work through their photos. To learn about the latest techniques but the most important thing is to personalize their style,  to have their own unique style. If you can afford it, I would suggest to join a professional class and learn.

photographer adriatik berdaku -129

Ralf Lauren Fashion Show, Photography by Adriatik Berdaku

NY Elite: How has photography influenced you as a person?

Adriatik Berdaku: To be honest I have changed my style according to my personality not vice versa. Photography has influenced my professional character. I have learned many things, that I wouldn’t have otherwise if it wasn’t for photography. This enriched my heart and mind.

NY Elite: Favorite photo you have taken and why?

Adriatik Berdaku: My favorite photo is the one that won the Cultural Prize in the International Competition developed in Italy, it is now part of museums including Albania (Berat). That photograph reflects everyday life and also the event of a wedding, seen in a dimension completely different from what we are taught to look at.

Unforgettable moments are when I worked in Italy for the realization of a movie with great artist Remo Girone, the actor of LA PIOVRA, watched by many viewers in Albania. I was the part of the casting and there I felt very excited about how a little boy came to Italy and managed to work with these Big Actors   of cinematography.

The RAI experiences were unforgettable, where I worked as an external operator  for many TV programs, such as MIXITALIA, which gave me the career break. I had the chance to work with Al Bano Carrisi, Massimo Ranieri, Bruno Vespa and many more.

I also had the opportunity to make some filming in the UN (United Nation), which I greatly appreciate.

NY Elite: What is your booking contact?


Albanian Fashion Show New York, Photographer Adriatik Berdaku, Designer Jehona Bunjaku



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