Writer, Director Augusto MaK on his new film “Fireflies in the Night”

Augusto MaK (Markos Garcia) is a talented film Producer, Director and Writer. He was born in Argentina and resides in Australia. Augusto has a Bachelor degree in Commerce, majoring in Finance and Economics at the Griffith University. He has been working for 4 years as a freelancer filmmaker.

An artist by nature and an avid reader by choice, Augusto self-taught basic editing and directing skills before completing his Graduate Certificate in Screen Production at Griffith Film School. Currently, Augusto is finishing the Advance Diploma of Screen Media, at the prestigious Sydney Film School, specializing in Producer/Production.

Augusto MaK has written and directed many short films, including “Escape,” “A Poker Night,” “The Tempus Elixir,” “The Graveyard of Mysteries” and recently “Fireflies in the Night. His screenplay for the short film “The Graveyard of Mysteries” was selected a finalist at the Screenplay Competition Fantastic Planet Film Festival.

Now director and writer Augusto MaK is transitioning to feature films, and is currently working on two feature films screenplays:  “Into the Black Hole,” a sci fi family oriented adventure film, and  “Enter Palantir,” a cyberpunk action story, about a utopian future.

Additionally, he is currently working on his latest project, titled “Fireflies in the Night“. The film is a Gothic tale about life, death, love and memories, starring Eleanore Knox and Ryan Carter; written and directed by Augusto MaK; produced by Himanshi Handa; photography by Johan Freden.


Producer, director, writer Augusto MaK

Meet the Artist: NY Elite Interview with Filmmaker Augusto MaK

NY Elite: What projects are you currently working on?

Augusto MaK: At the moment I am finishing my last semester at the Sydney Film School, in where I worked in 4 projects as Producer; ‘Other View’ by Sally Broad, ‘Into Trance’ by Deep Desai, ‘Duality’ by Rasmus Callmer and currently ‘Kronan’ by Jakob Karlsson.

The four films are very different films between themselves. They carry some of the new voices of the Australian cinematic landscape.

I am also in post of a short film I wrote and directed a gothic poetic tale titled ‘Fireflies in the Night’.

NY Elite: What is the new film/play about?

Augusto MaK: My last film is titled ‘Fireflies in the night’. It is a short poetic story about love, death and memories. Influenced by filmmakers like Alain Renais, it blends elements of the gothic literature, the atmospheric of the Hammer films and the poetic cinema of Jean Cocteau.

Two lovers, Antoine and Aurora, meet for a last time under a gazebo. They talk about memories and the fear to the darkness. Antoine has with him a jar, what is inside the jar will change Aurora’s life perspective forever.

SoManyFireflies (1)

Fireflies in the Night

NY Elite: What is different about being in the director’s chair with this project?

Augusto MaK: What is different for me is that for first time, I allowed myself to be flexible with the shape that the project by itself was taking. I studied my screenplay, analyse it several times, we did our Pre-Production homework, but I let the film become all it could be by itself, and I just tried to manoeuvre it to the right port maintaining a coherent vision.

One of my mentors at school said to me once that there are three learning levels for us filmmakers. The first one, the amateur level, is when you learn the tools and what to do to produce certain effect, certain quality, when you dolly in, when you dolly out. At the second level, you learn the discipline, the importance of organization, rigorous planification, the problem-solver-attitude. On the third one, you learn how to be flexible, how you combine your limitations with your possibilities and make the strongest film from the resources that are available to you.

NY Elite: Which actors stand out and why are they perfect for the role?

Augusto MaK: Eleanore Knox and Ryan Carter, both did a magnificent work. Eleanore is one of those actresses that have a great screen persona; it commands you to pay attention. Before working with her on this project, I saw all her work and studied her. What I wanted was her to carry the narrative of the film, she brought in a multilayered character that is covered by an aura of magnetic mystery, is beautiful to watch.

Ryan has these soulful looking eyes, these deep stares where you can sense you are watching his heart, is extremely disarming. I wanted for his character to express more with his facial gesticulation than with his words. His character is someone between a magician and an inventor, someone with extreme positiveness even against odds, his performance is truly magical.


Director Augusto MaK with the cast of Fireflies in the Night, actors Eleanore Knox and Ryan Carter

NY Elite: Who are the film’s stars?

Augusto MaK: Is hard to name just a few, I believe the film had many stars and heroes that where shining at different times. But if I have to answer from a perspective of what can audiences expect, I will say the performance of the cast is really in tune, they brought the words from the screenplay alive with so much strength, but also the camera, what my director of photography, Rasmus Callmer was able to paint with his lights brought a sense of mystery, magic and wonder to the film, that made it have its unique personality.

NY Elite: What makes a film great for you? Are there certain qualities that make a film better for you?

Augusto MaK: I have a lot of respect for cinema. I love to go to the movies, sit down and get lost for a moment in the vision of the filmmakers. But when the same movie can touch the different emotions inside of me, when it can make me feel sad or happy, through moments that I distinguish as truth, as something that I would feel or think in that scenario that is played in front of me; then I think that film is great. I believe that back in the day in the ’50 and the ’60 cinema theatres where these temples of wisdom where one could go and get scared, laugh, cry, be entertain, but at the end of the movie you will bring back with you an experience that will enrich your daily life. Those are the films I consider great, those are the films I want to do.

NY Elite: What scripts have you written so far?

Augusto MaK: Up to now I have written short film pieces. ‘The Tempus Elixir’, ‘The Graveyard of Mysteries’, and my last short play ‘Fireflies in the Night’. I am looking to make the move to feature films. I have two screenplays on the concept stage.

‘Into the Black Hole’, a sci fi family oriented adventure film mixed with ’80 nostalgia that tells the story of a kid that is being chase by a monster that comes from a black hole.

‘Enter Palantir’. A cyberpunk action story, about a utopian future where a computer rules society, a group of detectives work against the clock to bring down the humanist, considered terrorist known as Makingstone.


Director Augusto MaK and AC Jacob Karlssen

NY Elite: Do you express yourself creatively in any other ways?

Augusto MaK: I experiment a lot with my writing. I write poems. Some of them, the shorter ones I try to get them on Instagram and share them with the World.

NY Elite: What advice would you give to someone who wants to have a career in filmmaking?

Augusto MaK: I believe I am still on my early days of this dream pursuit of mine. But what I have discovered until now is that, you have to get yourself out there, you do the best you can for your dream, you surround yourself with inspiring people that is giving all what they got and you give it a shot.

NY Elite: Any plans to direct another movie?

Augusto MaK: I would like to get some time to finish my feature screenplay, but I have some ideas for a web series just to keep me practicing my directing skills.

NY Elite: NY Elite: What can we expect from you in 2017?

Augusto MaK: I will be graduating on July this year, so hopefully I will get some gigs here and there, in which I can keep learning from more experienced filmmakers, get my last short film around at festivals and start rolling cameras on the second semester of the year for my web series ‘Searching for Sofia’.

NY Elite: Where can everyone keep up with you to learn more? …social media…website

Augusto MaK: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/augusto_mak/

The Tempus Elixir: https://www.facebook.com/thetempuselixir/

Fireflies in the Night: https://www.facebook.com/Fireflies-in-the-Night-291346191303510/


Behind the scenes from the film Fireflies in the Night

May 1 2017 NY Elite Magazine Cover


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