“Hije” (Shadows) film by Jotti Ejlli premiers in New York

The feature film “Hije” (Shadows), written and directed by Jotti Ejlli, will premiere in New York on May 26, 2017 at 8:00PM. The screening takes place at the prestigious SVA Theatre in Manhattan, and is part of the official selection of AFW Film Festival in New York

Synopsis: Several homicides have shocked an Albanian small town. Gangs of the same criminal band have been murdered within a night. The prosecutor is investigating the case, while interrogating the only ocular witness of the crime scene. It seems like it may have been a simple passion crime, because of jealousy… But no one will ever know the real truth. It will remain a mystery forever.

“I am excited that Hije film will premiere at the  popular AFW festival in New York. Hije was first screened for the public in December, at the Tirana Film Festival, at Cinema Cineplexx in Albania. Hije (Shadows) is a thriller that brings to light the Albanian reality by analyzing the past through real characters from the society. The story begins with the relationship between the mysterious events that happen one after another. Step by step, the details are revealed about each character and the situations they are in. This is exactly the kind of relationship I tried to show in my artistic production,” said writer and film director Jotti Ejlli for NY Elite Magazine.


Alfred Trebicka


“Hije” features an incredible ensemble cast: Alfred Trebicka, Genti Kame, Antonio Kowdrin, Eglantina Ceno, Kol Kunora, Kastriot Shehi and Sokol Angjeli. Alfred Trebicka is a famous Albanian actor, director and writer, winner of “Best Actor Award”. Genti Kame, is another well-known Albanian actor who has had a successful acting career in Italy and France.

“Hije” (Shadows) is produced by Gent Prizreni and Elona Kamshi (executive producer), director of photography Valerio Volpe, film coordinator Giulio Fiorito, sound by Rachele Pittarello, soundtrack by Endrit Shani.

Director and writer Jotti Ejlli (Kastriot Ejlli) was born in Lezhe, Albania. After graduating in high school, Jotti attended the University Of Florence (Italy) to study Cinema. After graduating university he moved to Milan continuing the studies at the SAE INSTITUTE for Filmmaking.


Director Writer Jotti Ejlli

After completing his studies Jotti worked as a Independent Filmmaker in Milan where he worked for different projects, Documentary, Music Videos and Short Films. Jotti made his first short film “Rosso Fuoco, which was very well-liked and received great reactions from the audience.

In 2012, Jotti moved to Albania to work in different projects as a Filmmaker and Director for TV Shows, and started to write the script for Hije (Shadows). After the script for Hije received great feedback from friends he began the production in November 2015.

Shadows is Jotti Ejlli’s first feature movie.



Cast and Crew of “Hije” (Shadows) written and directed by Jotti Ejlli.


Behind the scenes, shooting the film “Hije” (Shadows)


Eglantina Ceno


Antonio Kowdrin



Hije screening in Albania


Q&A with Hije cast



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