Special Edition “Mother’s Day”: May 8, 2017 Cover – NY Elite Magazine

May 8 2017 NY Elite Magazine Cover

In honor of Mother’s Day NY Elite Magazine is honoring talented inspirational women, artists, filmmakers and writers. NY Elite Magazine is excited to announce our cover stars for the May 8, 2017, Issue 7: Donika Del Rio, Danamarie Gangone, Michael Moloi, Jennie Feyen, Elza Zagreda and Ardre Orie. Thank you for sharing with NY Elite Magazine your artistic journey.



Featured Stories

Donika Del Rio captures stunning pictures documenting life

Danamarie Gangone: The Fashion Designer and Model Ready to Rule the Catwalk

Honor, Love and Sacrifice, an Artistic Depiction of “Sakura & Steel” by Jennie Feyen

Naledi Design: Innovative, Timeless, Unique

“Growing up Fat and Albanian” wins Best Film and Best Featurette Award

Ardre Orie: Empowering women to see the beauty and strength within


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