Alexandra LeMosle in new film “The suitcase”

Alexandra LeMosle is a talented French-American actress with a multi-cultural background, from a French mother and North-African Father. She was mostly raised in France until she moved to the US with her family as a young adult. Alexandra always had a passion for the performing arts. She started studying ballet at the age of 4 and later on falls in love with theatre and Improv.

Alexandra studied her craft mostly in New York, but also in Los Angeles, where she currently resides. She had the pleasure to appear in different films, plays and TV shows in New York and Los Angeles as well as performing comedy/improv shows with her team Elefante, in various theatres in LA, on a monthly basis.

Besides continuously working as an actor, Alex reserves some of her time for other passions such as giving back to her community. She is a big advocate of compassion and volunteer work. She volunteers mostly in collaboration with “Coupla Guys & Gals Give Back” and “Reading to kids” in various ways such as painting schools in Compton, feeding homeless at the downtown midnight Mission, reading to kids in elementary schools and many other ways.


Alexandra LeMosle

Meet the Artist: NY Elite Interview with Alexandra LeMosle

NY Elite : Tell us about yourself and your career beginnings.

Alexandra LeMosle: I grew up in a lively household. My parents were both working in the corporate world but both passionate about music, dance, cinema and having Fun. So of course I grew up wanting to be a rock star/dancer/actress/filmmaker/lawyer :)). My idols were Madonna, Stevie Wonder, Liz Taylor, The Marx Brothers, Hitchcock and of course Woody Allen.

I started expressing myself through dance from the age of 4. I always wanted to do comedy and theatre but I was too shy to make the jump. It’s not until I moved to NYC and barely spoke English, that a friend of mine, who knew about my fantasy to act, got me an acting class as gift. And what a wonderful gift ! (Thank you Earl!) That’s when I got addicted. I studied with a really tough but good teacher for years. She told me that I will never work as an actress because of my accent. I decided to leave the class and from that moment on, I started booking small plays, indie films and improv shows in the city. I got myself an agent and here I was, starting the journey of a French actress in America.

NY Elite : What projects are you working on right now ? ​

Alexandra LeMosle: There’s a few.

1)One that I can’t talk about quite yet.

2)“The suitcase” film that we just completed and got into Tribeca Film Festival and BAFTA.

3) I also have a personal project, a series that I’m developing now, and hopefully, one day will see the light on HBO :))

_MG_8479 François-Boulaire

NY Elite : What do you love about the character that you play in your current film?

Alexandra LeMosle: ​In the film “The Suitcase” which takes place in Boston on 9/11. I play the role of an Arabic translator. I love the fact that she is a strong woman, with a Middle Eastern background, working in collaboration with the FBI during that difficult time.

NY Elite : How do you connect to this character?

Alexandra LeMosle: I connected strongly with her origins. My grandparents from my dad’s side were immigrants from Algeria and growing up in France as a mixed French/Arabic little girl wasn’t easy all the time. Unfortunately, in these days and age the challenge of acceptance persists. The other thing I really connected with, was that day, September 11. I was in NY at that time, working in the financial district and it was difficult to revisit it through research and documentaries but empowering in the same time to be able to tell that piece of the story.

NY Elite: Without giving anything away what’s your favorite line of dialogue? ​

Alexandra LeMosle: Sorry but i don’t really have a favorite line for that one ;/ I do have one from my series. It’s from a scene where my character talks to her therapist : “Oh no Barbara, and how did it make you feel ?! “

NY Elite: How is this production bringing anything new to this story?

Alexandra LeMosle: ​Abi Damaris Corbin who wrote the film and directed it, told a piece of the 9/11 tragedy that was never been told in movies before. So she certainly shed some light on an important part of the story and brought something new.

NY Elite : What’s it like working with this director? ​

Alexandra LeMosle: ​Abi Damaris Corbin is such a treat to work with. Not only because of her strength and determination but her passion for her project, her care and compassion for anybody that co-creates with her is admirable and inspiring.


Alexandra LeMosle

NY Elite: What’s going to surprise people about this movie ? ​

Alexandra LeMosle: We know so much about 9/11 but this story hasn’t been told yet and will surprise the audience.

NY Elite: Besides yourself , which actor is going to blow people away? ​

Alexandra LeMosle: The main actor is Mojean Aria,​ he did a fantastic job! He was very compelling to watch and his character’s journey is extremely relatable no matter where you’re from or what your social status is. NY Elite : What have been your favorite film or play that you have been part of ? ​I’ll have to honor the first play I did (“The Hitman “ by Eric Koshmer ) in NYC which performed at the Producers Club close to Times Square.

I just had left the mean acting teacher and I went to my 1st theatre audition in NYC. It was like in a movie. I went there on the wrong day and there was another group audition for a very avant-garde, comedic play. They finished their audition session and haven’t find their love interest and I walked in. They asked me to read for the role and I got it. It was a confirmation that I was doing the right thing by pursuing my dreams regardless of what anybody said.

NY Elite: Where else have you been playing a leading role ? ​

Alexandra LeMosle: A play called “Blue Window” by Craig Lucas. I played the role of Libby. It’s a comedy, but her despair to connect with others and her loneliness is pretty tragic. She ‘s also a bit nuts. It was a character that I really enjoyed exploring.

NY Elite: What other types of movies would you be interested in filming? ​

Alexandra LeMosle: The type of movies Woody Allen makes, it’s always been my dream to work with him. I LOVE his humour and sensitivity. I also love the work of the Duplass brothers. On another note, I have this fantasy to be part of an action film one day, as a superhero, a badass girl that saves the people in need, like Wonder woman meets Robin hood meets superman.


Alexandra LeMosle

NY Elite : Top 3 favorite film / play you’ve seen ? ​

Alexandra LeMosle: Oh la la, tough question, “Rear Window” Hitchcock, “Husbands & Wives “ by Woody Allen (Any of his work really), “Lucy” By Luc Besson. I’m gonna cheat and give you a 4th one, “Down by Law” by Jim Jarmusch.

NY Elite: What hidden talents do you have ? ​

Alexandra LeMosle: I can dance almost any type of dance, I drive like Schumacher and I can refurbish furniture. I’m not afraid to make a full of myself at karaoke, (that’s a talent, right?)

NY Elite: What personal advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue this career? ​

Alexandra LeMosle: I spent so many of my early years , listening to others and their limitations they had in vision for me. So the 1st thing I would advice is, don’t listen to anybody, follow your guts and your heart. Whatever fantasies and dreams you have, they are in your heart for a reason, you are on this planet to pursue them, so go have blast doing it. Study your craft, be kind, professional and focus on the story you are here to tell, not on being liked or booking the role, it’ll happen the moment you have fun with the material.

NY Elite: What can we expect from you in 2017 ?

Alexandra LeMosle: ​Fun ! Fun and Fun !! And see more of me on TV 🙂

NY Elite: Where can your fans find you on social media ?

Alexandra LeMosle: ​I haven’t been big on social media and started recently getting with the program, so don’t judge :)) Here’s a few links:

Imbd :

Twitter : @AlexLeMosle

Instagram : @AlexLeMosle


Alexandra LeMosle


**This article is featured in the July Fourth Special Edition of NY Elite Magazine. To read the Digital Copy click here>>.

July Fourth Special Edition NY Elite Cover


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