2017 NY Albanian Film Week Festival: Complete Winners List

The 2017 New York Albanian Film Week has officially come to an end after selecting its winners and honorees on Monday, May 29th, 2017 at Producer’s Club Theatre. The festival has crowned the best films and performances to be witnessed by the jury over the past four nights. 

It was a competitive year. The festival received 46 submissions, and 18 of those films and shorts were selected. Five legendary artists served on the AFW’s 2017 Jury: Fatrin Krajka, Jamal Hodge, Lulzim Guhelli, Diar Xani and Amina Zhaman. Actor, director and screenwriter Lulzim Guhelli led the festival jury for its 6th edition as the Jury President.

grupi shurupi

New York Albanian Film Week, Red Carpet Ceremony at SVA Theatre in Manhttan. In the photo: Fatrin Krajka, Lulzim Guhelli, Amina Zhaman, Mrika Krasniqi, Diar Xani, Jamal Hodge

“The films themselves were impressive for their budgets and their rich variety. Of course, many films did focus on the lingering spiritual miseries of the war. But that is to be expected from a generation of filmmakers that have endured life’s cruelest experiences. Home Sweet Home, which won the Best Picture Award, told a somber tale of a man returning home after being presumed dead only to find that his coming back to life might mean the death of his family’s future. It truly moved me, gave me a deeper understanding of the Albanian people. And saw its lead Actor and Actress walk off with Best Actor and Actress awards.

Director Iber Deari walked off with ‘Best Director’ for his thrilling work in Long Way Home and Toka. He also got the Best Short film nod. His films showed the bright future for Albanian thrillers and action movies, and were my personal favorites.
Then we had the unforgettable imagery and poetry of ‘Eho’. A film distinctly Albanian and so far removed from the American Hollywood model that at first it left me confused, before a night of reflection revealed its true beauty and intention,” stated Jamal Hodge, director, screenwriter, producer.
New York Albanian Film Week is organized by Mrika Krasniqi and Nil Production. The festival was co-hosted by Enkelejd Mezini and Ermira Babamusta, Q&A moderated by Enkelejd Mezini. Actor Isli Hoxha was the presenter for the 3rd night of the film festival. The winners were announced on the Closing Night Award Ceremony.
A complete list of winners can be found below:



Best Feature Film Award
Home Sweet Home
Dir: Faton Bajraktari

Best Short Film Award
Dir: Ibër Deari

Best Documentary Award
Beyond the Gates
Dir: Besim Ugzmajli

Best Actor Award
Donat Qosja
Home Sweet Home
Dir: Faton Bajraktari

Best Actress Award
Arta Muçaj
Home Sweet Home
Dir: Faton Bajraktari

Best Production Award
Dir: Dren Zherka
Prod: Alban Zogjani & Dren Zherka


Best Director
Ibër Deari
A Long Way Home

Excellence in Arts Award
Peter Malota

Artistic Achievement Award
Luli Bitri
Water for the Roses

Artistic Achievement Award
Jotti Ejlli

Post Mortem Award
Hadi Shehu
Bujar Lako
Sefedin Nuredini


Certificate of Appreciation 
Jamal Hodge
Amina Zhaman
Lulzim Guhelli
Diar Xani
Fatrin Krajka
Alfred Tollja (Producers Club Theatre)
Enkelejd Mezini
Isli Hoxha
Ermira Babamusta (Prishtina Press & NY Elite Magazine)


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