Ibër Deari wins big in New York for Best Director and Best Short Film

The 6th Edition of New York Albanian Film Week presented by Enkelejd Mezini and Ermira Babamusta announced the Jury winners at the Award Ceremony held at Producer’s Club Theater.

Director Ibër Deari was the big winner Monday, May 29, 2017 at the New York Albanian Film Week Award Ceremony. Deari entered the competition with two shorts: Toka and A Long Way Home. Ibër Deari’s film “Toka” won “Best Short Film” Award and “Best Director“. “A Long Way Home” won “Best Director“.

The festival is organized by Mrika Krasniqi and Nil Production. The Jury members are:  Fatrin Krajka, Jamal Hodge, Lulzim Guhelli, Diar Xani and Amina Zhaman. Lulzim Guhelli led the festival jury as the Jury President for its 6th edition.


Mirsad Abazi, Mrika Krasniqi, Ibër Dear at the Red Carpet Ceremony, New York Albanian Film Week, SVA Theatre (May 26, 2017) [Photo by Ivan Morales, Innovation Media New York]

JURY AWARD:                                                              FESTIVAL AWARD:

Best Short Film Award                                                Best Director
Toka                                                                                Ibër Deari
Macedonia                                                                      A Long Way Home
Dir: Ibër Deari                                                                 Toka

Official Jury Statement:

Jamal Hodge on Best Short Film Winner, ‘Toka’

“There are few films that are so visceral you can both see and taste them. In Ibër Deari’s Toka I could taste the salty earth. Toka is adrenaline packed with personality and a story we must see fully resolved in a feature length format. The mad man genius of Ibër Deari is on full display, weaving high-octane moments into excitement candy as we explore a world of family, broken honor, and violence. Ibër is one to watch and the premiere Albanian craftsman of the thriller. Tarantino would be proud.

Director Ibër Deari walked off with ‘Best Director’ for his thrilling work in Long Way Home and Toka. He also got the ‘Best Short Film’ nod. His films showed the bright future for Albanian thrillers and action movies, and were my personal favorites,” said Jamal Hodge, Jury Member of the New York Albanian Film Week Festival.

Toka by Ibrahim Deari (Drama)

Cast: Adem Karaga, Afrim Mucaj, Amernis Nokshiqi, Sefedin Nuredini, Sefedin Shabani, Vebi Qerimi and Muzbajdin Qamili

Produced by Arben Fejzullau, Frame In Production.

Synopsis: The father, who is old and in death bed, calls his oldest son Bardi. He gives him advice how trough effort and hard work, he will ensure a better future for his family. For him, the land is priceless. Just after the death of the father, the younger brother Lis appears who lives for eight years in a west European country, and in the meantime has lost contact with his family. He, actually, returns to his village to sell part of the family land to pay off his debt to some people from the underworld.

A Long Way Home by Ibër Deari (Drama)

Cast: Mirsad Abazi, Sefedin Shabani, Musa Isufi

Synopsis: Olti has served a long prison sentence for killing a man based on the ancient code of revenge. He wishes to see his mother and help his family but the ancient code prohibits him from entering the village. Now, on his way home, he has to choose between abandoning his family and risking his life just to be with them.



Jury Member Jamal Hodge with Festival Co-Hosts, Ermira Babamusta and Enkelejd Mezini (Beqir Sina Photography)


Ermira Babamusta, New York Albanian Film Week co-host (Beqir Sina Photography)




Q&A with director Iber Deari and Moderator Enkelejd Mezini about the TOKA and A LONG WAY HOME films (Beqir Sina Photography)


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