‘Home Sweet Home’ steels the show at 2017 New York AFW Film Festival

The 6th edition of New York Albanian Film Week has wrapped up the Award Ceremony at Producer’s Club theatre, where the Jury announced 6 big prizes, including Jury Awards, Festival Awards and Special Prizes. “Home Sweet Home” directed by Faton Bajraktari, produced by Trim Musliu stole the show by taking home three Grand Prizes: Best Film, Best Actor for Donat Qosja and Best Actress for Arta Muçaj. The awards were accepted by Trim Musliu and Donat Qosja, who were also present for the Q&A session.

The New York Albanian Film Week is hosted by Enkelejd Mezini and Ermira Babamusta. The festival is organized by Mrika Krasniqi and Nil Production. The Jury members are: Fatrin Krajka, Jamal Hodge, Lulzim Guhelli, Diar Xani and Amina Zhaman. Lulzim Guhelli led the festival jury as the Jury President for its 6th edition.


The Red Carpet Opening Ceremony of Albanian Film Week at SVA Theatre. In the Photo: Fatrin Krajka, Amina Zhaman, Lulzim Guhelli, Ermira Babamusta, Mrika Krasniqi, Diar Xani, Jamal Hodge (NY Elite Magazine Photography)


THE JURY AWARDS:                                  THE JURY AWARDS:             THE JURY AWARDS:

Best Feature Film Award                       Best Actor Award                    Best Actress Award
Home Sweet Home                                      Donat Qosja                               Arta Muçaj
Kosovo                                                          Home Sweet Home                    Home Sweet Home
Dir: Faton Bajraktari                                 Dir: Faton Bajraktari                Dir: Faton Bajraktari

Home sweet Home by Faton Bajraktari (Drama)

Cast: Donat Qosja, Arta Muçaj, Shkumbin Istrefi, Mona Mustafa, Lea Qosja, Albin Bajraktari

Synopsis: Agron, a soldier for the Kosovo Liberation Army, was long considered dead after he went missing during the war. One fine day, he returns home, to the shock of his family: his wife Hana, and his children Drita, Luan and Blerta.

As the family copes with the new situation, with the help of family friend and former fellow soldier-turned-school headmaster Bashkim, they try to find the best way of breaking the news to the whole village. But everyone has moved on and adjusted to life without Agron.

Official Jury Statements:

Lulzim Guhelli on “Best Feature Film Winner” Home Sweet Home

“Home Sweet home, a movie with a very brave story which brings into a light abusing heroes name as a secure way to improve material and social welfare to their families. An interesting way of storytelling by director Faton Bajraktari. He used beautiful long shots by which he built inner tension to audience and beautifully overcame monotone expectations of those long shots. Without any doubts cast was very carefully chosen.

Combination of characters did create very authentic casting visual composition, which made us feeling visually very comfortable and their acting made us believe in their story journey. Especially leading role Donat Qosja did a remarkable job with his acting. He led very carefully the whole cast in every scene. His calmness and empty emotional expression toward his loved ones was the right chosen way to show us his inner spiritual and mind chaos.

We cannot stop here without mentioning also production which gave us a beautiful cinematography with a very tender but active color tone by which took us off from a fact that almost whole film was shot in anterior. It was a special pleasure seeing this movie,” said Lulzim Guhelli, Jury President of New York Albanian Film Week.


Producer Tim Musliu, Mrika Krasniqi and Best Actor Donat Qosja, Red Carpet Opening Ceremony at SVA Theatre (Innovation Media New York Photography, Photo by Ivan Morales]

Amina Zhaman on “Best Actor Award” Donat Qosja

“Donat Qosja’s brilliant performance left no one indifferent. He was so true in every look, move and gesture that no words were needed to express his character’s feelings. His interaction with youngest daughter conquered my heart. It turned out that the girl is Qosja’s daughter in real life. They both transferred love to the screen through unique acting talent and charm.

Feature “Home Sweet Home” by very gifted director Faton Bajraktari is incredible and complete in my opinion. I consider its entire cast ideal. Script is strong, DP’s work is great. I hope to see more outstanding pictures like this movie in the future. Bajraktari’s film goes beyond Albanian cinema, it is a true international hit feature made on the highest level. I wish never-ending success to the best Albanian filmmakers from around the world and more amazing films like “Home Sweet Home” and “Beyond the Gates”, stated Amina Zhaman, Jury Member of New York Albanian Film Week.


Best Actor Winner Donat Qosja (Beqir Sina Photography) 

Enkelejd Mezini on “Best Actress Award” Arta Muçaj

“The lead actress Arta Muçaj in “Home Sweet Home” showed the true depth of character that touched me deeply by conveying to the audience the pain of losing her husband in the war initially and then losing him a second time due to financial circumstances that she had to endure. It is given in honor of an actress who has delivered an outstanding performance in a leading role,” said Enkelejd Mezini, co-host and moderator of New York Albanian Film Week.

Jamal Hodge on “Best Feature Film Award” Home Sweet Home

“Home Sweet Home, which won the Best Picture Award, told a somber tale of a man returning home after being presumed dead only to find that his coming back to life might mean the death of his family’s future. It truly moved me, gave me a deeper understanding of the Albanian people. And saw its lead Actor and Actress walk off with best Actor and Actress awards,” said Jamal Hodge, Jury Member of New York Albanian Film Week.


Home Sweet Home wins big at Albanian Film Week. Producer Trim Musliu accepting the award for Best Feature Film, presented by Lulzim Guhelli. (Beqir Sina Photography)


Co-Host of the festival, Ermira Babamusta at the Opening Ceremony, SVA Theatre



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