‘Hije’ by Jotti Ejlli wins Outstanding Artistic Achievement

Director Jotti Ejlli won the Outstanding Artistic Achievement at the 2017 NYAFW. His film “Hije” premiered at the Opening Ceremony of the film festival on May 26, 2017 at the SVA Theatre. Artistic Achievement is a Special Award presented at the 6th edition of New York Albanian Film Week in recognition of a filmmaker’s contribution to cinema. The Outstanding Artistic Achievement Awards recognize notable Albanians whose accomplishments in the field of the arts have inspired and enriched the cultural life of their country.

The Red Carpet event was followed by Open Ceremony, hosted by Enkelejd Mezini and Ermira Babamusta. The festival is organized by Mrika Krasniqi and Nil Production. The Jury members are: Fatrin Krajka, Jamal Hodge, Lulzim Guhelli, Diar Xani and Amina Zhaman. Lulzim Guhelli led the festival jury as the Jury President for its 6th edition.

After the ‘Hije’ screening Director Jotti Ejlli answered questions from the audience during the Q&A session moderated by Enkelejd Mezini.


Director Jotti Ejlli and Enkelejd Mezini at the Premiere of Hije in New York (Photo by Ivan Morales, Innovation Media New York)

Official Jury Statements:

Fatrin Krajka on the Outstanding Artistic Achievement Winner “Hije”

“Hije, the feature film by Jotti Ejlli, expressed a unique perspective on the lives of an Albanian society not seen by many. The script captured with realism the subtle nuances of the characters’ habitat and environment, and the director craftily kept the audience engaged, transporting us into a journey through the lives and darker inner workings of the Albanian culture,” stated Fatrin Krajka, Jury Member of New York Albanian Film Week.

Enkelejd Mezini on Jotti Ejlli’s Film “Hije”, winner of Artistic Achievement Award

“The movie the most stood out to me was the feature film “HIJE” which played on the first night of the festival by Jotti Ejlli. The movie portrayed a true depiction of life in Albania, where every day life meets the deep dark underground. Where the dark meets the light. I thought the cast of characters was very well selected and they all played their roles convincingly.

The central karmic message of your actions coming back to haunt you was conveyed in a very real and raw manner in the movie. Also, the surprise of finding out that the vigilante killer was a little boy whose family was murdered by these same gangsters, made the movie very intriguing for the audience. Finally, I felt the cinematography was very well done and surpassed any technical restrictions that may have existed,” said producer, actor and co-host of New York Albanian Film Week, Enkelejd Mezini.


Director Jotti Ejlli at the Award Ceremony (Photo by Beqir Sina)

Hije  by Jotti Ejlli (Crime/Thriller)               

 Cast: Alfred Trebicka, Genti Kame, Antonio Kowdrin, Egla Ceno

Synopsis: Several homicides have shocked an Albanian small town. Gangs of the same criminal band have been murdered within a night.

The prosecutor is investigating the case, while interrogating the only ocular witness of the crime scene. It seems like it may have been a simple passion crime, because of jealousy…

But no one will ever know the real truth. It will remain a mystery forever.


The Red Carpet Opening Ceremony of Albanian Film Week at SVA Theatre. In the Photo: Fatrin Krajka, Amina Zhaman, Lulzim Guhelli, Ermira Babamusta, Mrika Krasniqi, Diar Xani, Jamal Hodge (NY Elite Magazine Photography)


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