“One. Two. Monologues…” a powerful documentary on homelessness in Tirana

By E. Murati

A short documentary about the lives of two homeless people in Tirana, Albania. “One. Two. Monologues…” is a film of young talented director Blerina Goce that defies the homelessness.

A realistic artistic work by Goce, film goes deeply in the heart of the spectator and has the power making people reflect for a better life.

Right at the center of Block in Tirana, the area known for luxurious apartments and clubs, Vladimir have manage to find some sort of shelter in a hole. He is still a long away from having a normal life. Not far from there, Nurie, a teen Roma girl that has a dream: to have a bathroom with running water like her classmates.

Monologues Scenery 2

Through their first persona narration they share with us their living conditions, their dreams, their lives.

“That destitute child or that old man waiting for a shelter could be anyone of us. Sometimes we are full of prejudices about them but they teach us that life it means to go beyond; that life it worth and is not about respecting stereotypes and social boundaries,” says a spectator that has seen film at FemArt Festival in Prishtina, Kosovo.

The film has been awarded some international festivals and recently it has been part of 5th edition of FEMART Festival (from 25-31 May 2017), the biggest feminist festival in the Balkan.

A dramatic documentary with capturing image and clear message “One.Two.Monologues…” shocks with reality that present. The stories are presented in a beautiful way, no pathetically and without filters of cinematographic clichés or social prejudices.

The film of Goce is impressive. This film as other films are proof of her talent. Young artist has found her way on artistic expression and an original language with images and stories.

Critics have appreciated the film and cite that the film is a socially engaged documentary and the author truly represents the misery in which many marginalized families live in Tirana.

About Blerina Goce

Born and raised in Albania, Blerina Goce studied journalism and holds a Master’s Degree in Literary Studies from Center of Albanological Studies in Tirana.

For past 10 years Blerina has been working as a journalist in most major dailies and magazines, covering arts and culture and writing reviews in film books as well as other cultural events.

Blerina attended a series Film workshops on writing and directing.

Blerina shot several documentary films that received multiple awards.

The short documentary “One, Two, Monologues…” is produced as part of Open Society Foundation (SOROS) project on housing conditions where is awarded the first price.

The film has awarded “The Most Original Story” in International Mobile Film Festival.

IMG_8662 blerina c



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