Naledi Design: Innovative, Timeless, Unique

Industrial Chic Meets Modern Fashion

Michael Moloi designs intriguing and complex jewelry for artists. Inspired by nature, dance, music and all art forms, successful designer Michael Moloi creates the finest in handcrafted custom made jewelry, accessories, sculptures and furniture.

Studying the intricacies of African art and modern dance through travel and extensive work in Europe, Michael draws upon the traditional designs of South Africa and the French art form “Art Nouveau,” resulting in timeless and distinctive creations.

His award winning Naledi Design fuses industrial chic with modern fashion, creating breathtaking and inspiring works of art. In 2013 Michael Moloi was recognized by NY Elite for his remarkable Naledi Design fashion line, winning the “Top Artist Design Award”.


“Art is about creating a world of infinite possibilities, a world of freedom to be lost in your own creativity. I asked my seven year old daughter to take picture of and my ART, she replied OK Dad. I see in my head the picture I am taking before I take it. Then she asked me to stand by the smoke of a fire, took the picture and showed it to me, and tells me, see this one looks good, lets go take another one at the hill where the sun is brighter. I promise you it will look better. She said you need more sun because you are a little darker. I laughed! Thinking a seven year old already figured it out that a natural light makes pictures brighter and beautiful. I am inspired by the creation of nature from the past to the present. Art is everything and everywhere.” said Michael Moloi for NY Elite.

Must Haves from the New Collection of Naledi Design

GYPSY Victorian

A fine gentleman Boss hand watch artistically made for an occasion. A twist of a fine Victorian chic.


MacAir case

Soft portfolio macAir case bag with red, row holder strep. Hand made and stitched. It’s a perfect gift for a Gentleman.

The Naledi Deisgn is a hand made design by Michael Moloi. The new line called “Awekho” meaning “it is no longer there as it once was”, is inspired by the 19th British Victorian century’s era.




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