Stars on Stage: Mirsad Abazi to play in “A Bedfull of Foreigners” in new Macedonian production

There has been a lot of buzz about actor Mirsad Abazi and his new movie “A Long Way Home” by Ibër Deari which snatched the Best Director Award at NYAFW in May 2017. His role was talked about as convincing and accurate portrayal of emotions. Mirsad is able to use his intelligence for the best portrayal of the role and he has an innate talent, making his performance look effortless on the big screen.

Mirsad Abazi has played in an array of award-winning films, including “A Long way home“, “My City Screams,” “Between Paradise and Hell”, where he successfully brings believable characters to life. 

“Before I became an actor, I always loved actors, film and theater. I fell in love with acting and the stage for as long as I can remember. I had an incredible experience in New York during Albanian Film Week Festival. The city itself is inspiring. We got to meet many filmmakers and artists. The festival organization was superb,” said Mirsad Abazi  for NY Elite Magazine.


“A Long Way Home” is a production of Redon Pictures, produced by Afrim Asani, written and directed by Ibër Deari. The film stars: Mirsad Abazi, Sefedin Shabani, Musa Isufi and Ardian Kadriu, edited by Redon Asani, sound by Engjëll Mamuti.

Born in Kumanovo, Macedonia, Mirsad Abazi is a professional actor for the Professional Theater of Kumanovo. He has completed his acting degree in 2005 from Tetovo University.

“Every film and theater play has gifted me a very beautiful experience and special memories. I am very proud of my leading role in ‘My City Screams’ a favorite for the public. My recent lead role in ‘A Long Way Home” was an emotional role, pertaining to family drama.”

Currently Mirsad is preparing for a theater play written by Dave Freeman, directed by Esat Brajshori “A Bedfull of Foreigners”.


A Long Way Home (Ibër Deari and Mirsad Abazi)





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