NY Elite June Cover: Albanian Film Week Special Edition

NY Elite Magazine is dedicating June 2017 Issue 8 of the Magazine to the successful completion of New York Albanian Film Week Festival. Congratulations to the big winners. The June Issue features: Alex Folacci, Ibër Deari, Mirsad Abazi, Jotti Ejlli, Mrika Krasniqi, Peter Malota, Arta Muçaj, Donat Qosja, Besim Ugzmajli, Luli Bitri, Dren Zherka, Jamal Hodge, Mrika Krasniqi, etc. Check out the digital copy for some exclusive Red Carpet Photos.

To read the full digital copy click here:


June 2017 AFW Special Edition

Featured Stories

Alex Folacci, the Personal Fitness Trainer for your Success

On the set with award-winning director Ibër Deari

Ibër Deari wins big in New York for Best Director and Best Short Film

Stars on Stage: Mirsad Abazi to play in “A Bedfull of Foreigners” in new Macedonian production

‘Home Sweet Home’ steels the show at 2017 New York AFW Film Festival

Peter Malota is honored with the Excellence in Arts Award

Besim Ugzmajli’s ‘Beyond the Gates’ wins Best Documentary in New York

Arta Muçaj wins Best Actress in New York

‘Hije’ by Jotti Ejlli wins Outstanding Artistic Achievement

Luli Bitri is honored with Outstanding Artistic Achievement Award in NY

Dren Zherka’s Eho wins Best Production Award in New York

Jamal Hodge Review Of The New York Albanian Film Week

2017 NY Albanian Film Week Festival: Complete Winners List


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