Happy Fourth of July Wishes from Klement Tinaj

I am thankful for all the great opportunities given to me in United States. I care about the well-being of the people of California and as a 2018 Democratic Gubernatorial candidate I will continue to fight for each one of you. We have an obligation to the working parents of California, to the youth, and to all families to bring jobs back, to invest in schools, to fix roads, improve our transportation, and offer more affordable housing. I want to make sure that our Veterans and the men and women in uniform who risk their lives everyday to keep us safe are taken care of.

Evil has always been and still tries to take control of our country, our people and our freedom but it was proven in 1776 when our founding fathers didn’t agree with the King of Britain’s laws and they stood up and fought for our freedom, speech, religion and press. In their honor, our job is to protect our amendments, constitution and values and promote liberty, justice, equality and celebrate our freedom. Happy 4th of July.”  – Klement Tinaj


Klement Tinaj 


Klement Tinaj 




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