Mrika Krasniqi: Female Entrepreneur to watch out for in 2018

Mrika Krasniqi is a very impressive female entrepreneur whose leadership qualities make her one of the most successful female leaders in the business world. Mrika Krasniqi has over 20 years of experience in acting, screenwriting, film making, film directing, program managing, project implementing, founding and co-founding movie events.

Mrika Krasniqi is an award-winning filmmaker and candidate of a number of international and national events and film festivals including Los Angeles, New York, Cannes, Paris, Zagreb, Tirana, Pristina, etc. 

“We hope to bridge geographic boundaries, empower Albanian women and boost the economy here in New York. There is a need to bring the European and American market closer. Through success we can support business women in developing countries in the Balkans such as Albania and Kosovo, as well as bring great opportunities here in US,” said Mrika Krasniqi, founder and CEO of Nil Production.



Mirka Krasniqi is the Founder and owner of Nil Production Company since 2007. While the production company mainly specializes in producing, directing and screenwriting, it collaborates with a number of local and international organizations, companies and studios.


Founder of Albanian Fim Week in New York, since 2011. The AFW first opened in November 2012 with the participation of 100 film directors from every Albanian land and Diaspora. It was highly appreciated by the critics as one of the greatest artistic events and as a huge symbolic bridge between Albanian artists themselves and Americans. The AFW is an annual even taking place every November in New York.

In 2017 AFW changed its name to the International Filmmaker Festival of New York.


Mrika Krasniqi is the Co-founder of the Different Non-Government Organization in Kosova, since 2004. The NGO achievements include projects such as: Anti-Trafficking of Human Beings, Human Rights, HIV-AIDS, EURO Currency, Anti-Domestic Violence, Elections, Environment, Promotion of War Values, Protection of Mother and Child Rights, etc. The NGO has cooperated with different international and local organizations.

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Mrika Krasniqi (Photo by Jehona Abrashi)


Soldier                                       Documentary Film /Screenwriter & Director (2014)
You are not alone                   Documentary Film /Screenwriter & Director (2014)
Four Chimneys                        Documentary Film  /Screenwriter & Director (2013)
Goli Otok                                   Documentary Film  /Screenwriter & Director (2010)
World’s Noblemen                  Documentary Film  /Screenwriter & Director (2009)
The Land of Kelmend            Documentary Film  /Screenwriter & Director (2008)
Room 135                                   Documentary Film  /Screenwriter & Director (2002)
Veli Gervalla                            Documentary Film  /Screenwriter & Director (2001)
The Groove of Hope                Documentary Film  /Screenwriter & Director (2001)
Do You Want a Cigar             Documentary Film  /Screenwriter & Director (2001)
Grounds of Art in Kosovo    Documentary Film  /Screenwriter & Director (2000)
The Art of Cotton                    Documentary Film  /Screenwriter & Director (2000)
Luan’s Come Back               Short Movie /Screenwriter (2007)
The Testament                      Short Movie /Screenwriter (2007)
Message                                  Short Movie /Screenwriter (2006)
Nothing                                   Short movie /Screenwriter (2003)
Picture                                    TV Series /Screenwriter (2001-2002)
Collegiate                               TV Series /Screenwriter (2003-2005)
The Mayor Councilor          Drama /Author (2004)
Hospital                                  Drama /Author (2005)


Hanna                         Drama (2005), published by DODONA Theatre, Pristina.
Ill feelings                  Poetry (2004), published by Vatra, Pristina.
Supergrandma          Drama (2004), published by Center Of Visual Arts Multimedia
Ardor in Love            Poetry (1995), published by Art Creators Forum.
Prostitutes                  Novel (2003), published by Rilindja Press, Pristina.



Cannes Film Festival, France                                   (2015)
One World, Kosova                                                      (2011)
Tirana International Film Festival, Albania       (2010)
Cannes Film Festival, France                                   (2009)
New York Independent Film Festival, US            (2009)
Los Angeles Film Festival, US                                 (2008)
New York Independent Film Festival, US            (2008)
Venecia Film Festival, Italy                                      (2007)
Sarajevo Film Festival, Bosnia                                 (2007)
Thessaloniki Film Festival, Greece                        (2005)
New Poland Film, Poland                                           (2004)
DOCU Independent in Freiburg, Germany           (2002)


  • Women of the Year 2016 by US Congress
  • Best Human Artist 2015 by the European Community of Jewish Artists in Paris, France
  • Universal Peace Federation – awarded Ambassador for Peace
  • Best social Documentary NYI FF, US
  • Best Organizer, One World, Kosova             
  • Best historical Documentary, Los Angeles Film Festival, US
  • Best Production, New Poland Film, Poland
  • Best director, DOCU Independent in Freiburg, Germany







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