Meet the Artist: Interview with Actor Christopher Torretto

Christopher Torretto talks with NY Elite about his latest projects, his passion in acting and his new career endeavors in LA. 

NY Elite: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Christopher Torretto: Hi my name is Christopher Torretto I am a professional actor that grew up in Northern Ireland. I grew up in a rough town but more so a rougher home. As a kid I grew up in a very abusive home which led to me being quite quiet and secluded. I became homeless in my teens years as I left home to get away from the abuse I spent years going from sofa to sofa and sleeping rough and in abandoned buildings etc.

When I finally got help and got a home a job and was doing well I was brutally attacked and robbed and left for dead. This was a severe physical attack but effected me more mentally. I became seriously depressed and actually afraid to leave my home . It took me a very long time to conquer this with the help of my now girlfriend. When I finally beat this and started acting after being told I had amazing talent acting became like therapy but now it’s my life I have completed 23 films in 13 months and been cast in a major TV drama series in LA and also a lead role in a horror there too.


NY Elite: What are you latest and current movie projects?

Christopher Torretto: I have completed twenty three films in thirteen months so a lot of my projects were very close together but my most recent that I thoroughly enjoyed was the movie Sparrowhawk. In this movie I played an ex UDR officer which fitted perfect with my accent. I play alot of gangster and hitman roles so it was nice to be on the other side of the law. My next project will be the TV drama series Emergency LA which I am flying out to do this summer.

NY Elite: Can you tell us about your character in the film?

Christopher Torretto: The character in my next project is officer Daniel Flynn of the LAPD. Which for me it is an absolute honour to play the role of an LAPD officer. I am looking forward to taking on this character and for everyone to see it once it airs.

NY Elite: What was it like working with the director?

Christopher Torretto: For Emergency LA this will be my first time working with this director but I am very much looking forward to it. I have had some amazing experience with the director’s that I have worked with up till now and I have learned so much from them and have always bounced ideas off eachother. I am sure working on Emergency LA will be no different.

NY Elite: In which movies have you played lead role?

Christopher Torretto: I have played the lead role in about 17 out of the 23 films that I have done. This includes films by the director’s named below, I was lead role in each of these films and the rest I was supporting lead other than Emergency LA which hasn’t started filming yet.

Christopher Piper – Flicker

Robert Aramanyous – a new wave

Jodie Nichole Fowler – insurmountable

Jordan Dent – botched job and seconds out

Alex Gunton – Cailin

Derry Felton – Sanctuaries

Mike Tweddle -Sparrowhawk

Errika Zacharapolou – Quest

Ryan Balderson – the technician

Jake Horsburgh – the Job

Matt Walsh – protagonist

Martin James Owens-Cairns – Sanders Hell and remember

Rick Mcleod – divided nation

Sunderland Uni – Reich

Matt Hamill York Uni – Unchanged

Thanks to all the directors above for the opportunities in their movies.


NY Elite: Among all your roles so far, which has been your favorite one and why?

Christopher Torretto: Mmmm this is a very difficult choice as I have played many different characters for different backgrounds and different world’s but to be honest it would have to be between Detective Winters in Sparrowhawk or Charlie in Cailin. Even though they are two totally different characters and opposite on the scale these two characters are the two that I got to show my widest range of personalities and emotions so far in my career but I have so much more left to show just waiting on the right opportunity.

NY Elite: What do you enjoy most about your acting career?

Christopher Torretto: I absolutely love the fact that I get to portray so many different characters. In a persons  lifetime they’re lucky enough to get one major career ie. Soldier, police officer, Dr, teacher. I get to experience living in their shoes for a short time while on set. Basically being an actor gives you the chance to live a million different lives in your one lifetime. I’ve also met some of the most talented, kind hearted, unbelievable people. Without acting I would never have met Len the creator of Emergency LA. He is one of the most astonishing kind hearted person who has gave me the biggest opportunity of my life and has given me the chance to give my family the life that they deserve. Honestly I just absolute love what I do. There is a certain excitement and emotional feeling that I get inside which I’ve never had before I found acting.

Truthfully I try not to find any negatives because it has given me a total different out look on life. It has really given me a chance to take something and make it mine. That’s my own personal space that’s where I get to be me. Even though I get to play characters who are on the total opposite scale of who I am in real life its still me. It’s my perception of that character. So I’ve just created a whole new person and that’s an unbelievable feeling that I don’t let negativity destroy. So in end all there’s nothing that I hate about acting.



NY Elite: What other hobbies and interests do you have? 

Christopher Torretto: Bodybuilding has been a keen interest of mine since I was a teenager. I will tell you a story of how this came to be. When I was homeless… actually let me take you back to before I was homeless. I was a very small kid very thin and couldn’t stand up for myself against the abuse. As I grew older nothing changed I still felt very vulnerable I was couch surfing between friends. When I met a new friend and before I knew it I was in the gym. It soon became my safe place and as funny as this may sound to people the more muscle I put on and the more I changed my body the further information got mentally from that scared little boy. So since then if anything in my life bothers me just like one of my Inspirations Dwayne Johnson says “the gym became my anchor”.

NY Elite: Are you working on your next project now?

Christopher Torretto: I am in the process of getting my visa so that I can move to the States to work on Emergency LA. But from there my goal is to branch out and be seen in New York, Atlanta, Florida and all the major states and get my name right up there so all the major production teams will see my work. I just want to show the world what I can do.

NY Elite: What personal advice would you give to someone about impressing the directors during audition? How to audition?

Christopher Torretto: Never take no negatively. To many people after being turned down in an audition take it to heart. It’s not a hit at you personally you just aren’t what they were looking for at that moment and time. All directors have an image in their head of exactly what the character should be like so when you receive the brief for the character before the audition make sure to look at it from every angle as in the dialogue or the description there is always hints of the way the character should be perceived. Don’t be afraid to come out of your comfort zone but at the same time know your limits. Don’t set yourself to certain roles try something you’ve never tried before but obviously within reason and most of all just enjoy your journey.


NY Elite: What causes/charities you actively support or feel strongly about?

Christopher Torretto:  Honestly anything at all that supports under privileged kids or kids that have went through what I have went through. I work so hard because I want to give my kids the total opposite of what I had but also with fame comes the fact that people know who you are and respect what you are saying. So you can automatically make a difference. So if I get to where I want to be this will give me the opportunity to help others that I can’t help now. My dream is to open after school projects for kids to teach them about acting filming and cameras etc. Instead of causing trouble on the streets or maybe having nowhere else to go this would give them something new and exciting. I also want to start up maybe a programme for kids who go to school without breakfast or even the proper stationary and equipment ie bags, books and pencils etc as all kids deserve to be educated. Honestly I just want to be in the position financially and publicly to make a difference to a lot of people’s lives maybe even attend schools and do motivational speaking.

NY Elite: What are the things in your life that you’re most grateful for?

Christopher Torretto:  My family which is my three kids, my partner Claire and my nieces and nephews and sister, the people that I have met who have inspired me and pushed me to do what I do now, like my partner Claire who has supported me in everything that I do. My friend Jeff Maxwell that has honestly helped me in more ways than I can begin to explain I don’t have much family but he is definitely the closest thing I have to a father. Then obviously Len Davies who has given me the opportunity to come and work in the US which is something that I have dreamed about for as long as i can remember and never expected to ever happen.





One thought on “Meet the Artist: Interview with Actor Christopher Torretto

  1. This is a really brilliant interview. I’m very proud of my brother he has had a very hard life and has come a long way to where he is today he never gives up and gives everything he does 100 % he is very passionate about acting and has the ability to carry off any job he does with complete passion and dedication I’ve seen him grow as a person and he has a real flair for acting it really brings out the best in him and I know he will succeed at any job he puts his mind too as he is nothing but a perfectionist, and I someone who has known him his whole life know he was born to do this profession and I’m behind I’m 100% and he will definitely make his mark in LA.very very proud of you brother!


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