“One Week” starring Flori Belliu makes successful debut in New York

“One Week” had its successful debut in New York at Producers Club Theaters. The theatre play starring Flori Belliu is written by Wolfang Herrndorf. Actor Flori Belliu talks with NY Elite about his latest projects, the play and his upcoming films. 

Meet the Actor: NY Elite Interview with Flori Belliu

NY Elite: Can you tell us more about yourself and your acting career beginnings?

Flori Belliu: My passion has started a long time ago by being present in different events as an amateur. I have graduated from the Academy of Arts in Tirana, Albania for acting. After graduating, I have worked in different projects in movies and theater.

 NY Elite: What are your latest projects?

 Flori Belliu: I moved in New York 10 months ago, for my personal reasons. Currently I am working simultaneously in a few things. We have built a working group, a producer, a film director and myself with which we are currently working on a film project. Right now, we have two initial scenarios, which take place in New York. One of them is for a Love Story and the other one about two homeless people.  It is only the beginning and I hope and wish that everything would go well. At the same time, I am also working on two personal projects.

I am writing a novel, which I have thought of a long time, and the show of which you are interviewing me. I am happy with the results, in both nights, the participation was at its capacity and the spectators liked it. Now we are talking about when we can play it back and put it on the calendar in the next season, maybe at the end of September. For all of those who could not watch it, the type of the show is of one-man show. The name of the show is “One Week” and it lasts about one hour.


NY Elite: Can you tell us about your character that you play?

Flori Belliu: The character is a young adolescent boy who is dealing with the problems and everything that happens at that age. The author Wolfang Herrndorf describes them very well artistically.  I like the solutions and perception that this character has for everything that happens around him. He is a very naive boy but with a big heart and very smart.

NY Elite: How do you relate to this character?

Flori Belliu: I relate with this character, different from other characters where in many cases you have to use imagination in order to understand or experience what it happening to the character because I as an actor have not experienced it and it is a new sensation.  It has not been hard because I have experienced it and they are alive in my memory. There is a big relation with this character because I really like it and I feel bad when I think that soon I will work on another character and undo this one.

NY Elite: What was it like working with the director?

Flori Belliu: The relation with the director depends from the approach that he has because he is the visionary one and has the biggest load of the whole project. I try to “be friends” with him and I want to “steal” all he has in his head. This is very helpful for me to pull off and finish it. In this project is different because I am all alone.


NY Elite: What will surprise the audience about this show?

Flori Belliu: What will entice the audience in this show is that is on a simple scenography with a simple costume used on a poor theater where the audience will have to be included spiritually and emotionally in.  The show is made of words and imagination. I have built it this way where the audience will be part of the show because from time to time the forth wall of communication will be broken down with the spectators. I believe this is unique.

NY Elite: What are some of your favorite movies you have played in? 

Flori Belliu: I have played in a few movies that I have liked how they worked out and liked from the audience. Some of them are “Amaneti” directed by Namik Ajazi or the movie “Te Fortet” directed by Altin Basha. I cannot say that one was better than another was. As for the best movie character it did not come yet I am waiting (laughs).

NY Elite: In which movie have you played the main character?

Flori Belliu: In the short feature movie named “Shtremet” directed by Indrit Kasmi. Also in the series “Ne kerkim te kujt” directed by Gjergj Xhuvani in which I cannot say that, I played the main character because there were a few main characters of which I was one of them.

NY Elite: What kind of movies do you like to take part in?

Flori Belliu: I do not put a lot of attention on this part, I try to do my part and if the character is complete and I click with it, I do it with all my passion. At the end the directing concept falls on somebody else, I like all the roles and for me all that matters is do is to do what I love.


NY Elite: What role does art play in society?  

Flori Belliu: Surely, it plays a role and has in its hands the emancipation of the society. Sometimes it opens your eyes, shows you the reality, and sometimes shows you perfection.  In many cases, it screams out in a way something that people do not have the courage to think.

NY Elite: What is your advice for someone who would like to follow acting?

Flori Belliu: Do not do it…do something else… but if you do it, do it well! Of course, document all of your work. Last, do not allow no one to be able to destroy your projects.

NY Elite: What are your future plans? 

Flori Belliu: The theater where I work is not “on Broadway” but of Broadway. I wish that God would make it possible to have a serious project on Broadway.




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