“Win or Win” achieving effective political communication successfully

Founder of “Win or Win” Julian Zyla talks with NY Elite about traditional marketing strategies and how his company turns ideas into successful realities for the clients. 

NY Elite: What are you currently working on? Tell us a little bit more about your company “Win or Win”.

Julian Zyla: My passion and experience in journalism and politics made me start Win or Win, a company entirely focused on helping institutions and companies communicate effectively. Win or Win specializes in political and corporate marketing campaigns.

It gives me enormous satisfaction to see how a simple idea turned into a successful reality of a firm with such important clients.

NY Elite: What are some of the projects you have been involved so far?

Julian Zyla: I decided to come to Albania after having worked as a journalist for Voice of America in Washington D.C. and New York. I have also studied and had experience in political communications including being involved at the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign headquarters. Since I have decided to start Win or Win, we have worked with clients such as Democratic Union for Integration party in Macedonia (Bashkimi Demokratik për Integrim), the City of Gostivar and Sfida për Shqipërinë party in Albania, while being in touch with new corporate clients such as Teoren, ABI Bank, Union Bank, Global Travel, etc.

In Albania I also taught Public Relations and Public Speaking at the European University of Tirana. With Mr. Henri Cili, UET’s sole shareholder, we started the political PR company Pro Democratia. I served as the company’s first CEO. Then came Win or Win.

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NY Elite: What about politics interests you? Are you interested in being a politician yourself? 

Julian Zyla: I believe in politics as a service. I studied political science in Rome at Sapienza University and then in New York at NYU and firmly see politics as a calling. While studying, I usually would catch myself thinking of how those things could be implemented to help improve people’s lives in Albania. Now, I am working in communications. But I enthusiastically would accept to contribute for my country if offered to me.

NY Elite: What issues interest you?

Julian Zyla: In Albania, economy is still the dominant issue. While this is the case for many countries, too many Albanians face harsh economic struggles. I am interested in finding ways to use politics to improve people’s chances. So far, the European integration process is probably the best strategic answer for Albania and Albanians.

NY Elite: What was the most significant change you brought about in a project?

Julian Zyla: I believe in inspiring communication. This is why, with my clients, I insist on using emotion and positivity. This is the biggest change I usually bring to my projects.

NY Elite: How does political communication influence the policy makers, the media and the public?

Julian Zyla: Much of today’s politics is communications. But it can never be everything, because without substance or at least some values or talent communications alone won’t work. Communication is the way for politicians to get to the people and influence their decisions. This, obviously, will affect their decision making as well. They will think of how the public reactions will be to their policies.

The media has a double role. They have to inform, usually covering what politicians communicate. But they also make news, by communicating the results of their journalistic work. Political communication is the combination of all these forces: politics, media, public.

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NY Elite: What strategies do you use at “Win or Win” for marketing companies?

Julian Zyla: We combine the best traditional marketing practices with the new media and digital. It is proven that people act mostly based on emotion. So for a product to be sold it is not enough that it is good. It also has to say something that will make the costumer be proud of it.

We usually study the company, its competitors, its market, and then come up with the best way for them to maximize their potential.

NY Elite: What is necessary for an effective and creative marketing campaign?

Julian Zyla: The most necessary thing for an effective campaign is research. You need to understand the company’s identity and communicate its strengths against its competitors’ weaknesses. If you avoid the truth of the company’s identity or only communicate its products you are doing bad or ineffective marketing.

NY Elite: What is the secret to a successful media strategy?

Julian Zyla: Your media strategy will have success if you know your public well and you know how to communicate the right message to it. In one word: targeting. This means that you have to give the right content to the right mediums. Know you TV shows. Know your newspapers audiences. And talk to them in a way they can connect with you.

NY Elite: What are you an advocate of? What are your life passions?

Julian Zyla: My life passion is politics. I view it as a mean to improving people’s lives. I also try to apply this philosophy in communications as well. Helping people communicate their vision allows them to grow, but it also gives people a chance to having more options.

Foto 7 - Ne studiot e VOA New York

NY Elite: What/who inspires you?

 Julian Zyla: People that fight for change inspire me. I believe that our opportunities to improvement are infinite. So the more we try to improve the status quo the better for us and for the people we love.

NY Elite: What are your future plans/goals/projects?

Julian Zyla: For the moment I am focused on making Win or Win succeed. Politics is a longtime goal of mine. I believe in creativity, both in communications and politics. So I will keep practicing creativity, and use it in everything I do.  

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