Greta and Vilma the powerful duo behind “Plates on Fire” TV Cooking Show

PLATES ON FIRE is a dynamic and energetic reality TV competition. Fire Departments throughout the country compete through the venue of cooking while raising awareness for their favorite charity/cause in the local community. The show is created by Joe Viramontez and produced by Greta and Vilma Zenelaj of Colored Films.

Each season is a single elimination Round Robin Tournament. Winners from their respective departments advance in competing for the National Championship “PLATES ON FIRE AWARD”. Celebrity Judges are getting ready for the line up. Plates on Fire will reportedly welcome Ken Davitian  as judge among other stars and Joe Viramontez as host of the show. 

“The show has been pitched to many different US networks and we are proud to say that it has a home on a national cable. It will air it’s first season (10 episodes) from October – December 2017. At the moment we are in pre-production.  This is our third show that we optioned after meeting Joe Viramontez and his enthusiasm about the show, we learned that firemen are great cooks and that they actually do compete between fire stations on a regular basis,” said the producers of the show, Greta and Vilma Zenelaj.

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 8.25.27 PM

Greta and Vilma Zenelaj

Meet the Producers: Greta and Vilma Zenelaj

NY Elite: Tells us about the new cooking show? The concept? How does it work?

Greta: Plates on Fire is a hybrid in it’s kind, consisting of a dynamic cooking show combined with the feel good aspect of making a difference outside the firehouse, as well as celebrity judges.

Fire departments will not only compete for bragging rights (who has the best chefs in their departments), but they will be cooking/competing to bring awareness for a charity/cause of their choice.

Every episode will highlight firehouse cooking, firehouse lifestyle, personal stories, and the charities that the firefighters have chosen to represent.

The combination of Firefighters, cooking, competing and giving back to the local community is a show that will touch the hearts of a nation!

NY Elite: Who else is part of the show?

Vilma: At this time Joe Viramontez will be our host and he is a great host, great personality and loves to give to the community. We are in the process of attaching the celebrity judges.

NY Elite: Tells us a little bit more about fundraising for the community and which charities are you helping?

Greta: The great thing about this show is that the contestants will choose their favorite local charities that they are going to compete for. Many firefighters already raise money for charities and I’m sure that they will have a great time competing and giving their winnings in a cause they believe in.


Plates on Fire Celebrity Judges

NY Elite: What are you learning from the business and show?

Vilma: Our background is film and there are similarities in that you still have to budget, get crew, equipment, audition, etc but also filming a TV show with 10 episodes can have its challenges, in that it’s very fast paced and you have to multi-task constantly and make decisions quickly. It’s exiting and I actually like it.

NY Elite: What is the challenging part for the chefs? How are they chosen for the show?

Greta: Many of the firemen chefs competing will be chosen by their fire station. We recently had a firefighter contact us and he said that his colleagues asked him to compete and that he would win since he’s a great cook and has been cooking since he was little. So, that’s very important but also their personality and attitude. We do want to have fun while filming and enjoy the process. After all it is a show.

NY Elite: What innovative ideas are you seeing at the show?

Vilma: We are making the show more entertaining and would like to see the judges involved while the firefighters are cooking. Maybe they will help with a tip on how to cook a certain dish or suggest a spice for certain meat or temperature. It would be great to get the celebrity judges involvement. Most cooking shows the judges just wait to see and taste the dish where instead they could have helped their favorite cook with a suggestion or two.  I would like to see the judges rooting for their favorite firefighter.

Picture 4

Plates on Fire Host, Joe Viramontez

NY Elite: What are you currently working on?

Greta: Plates on Fire has our full attention right now, but we are working on a true story film, where we meet with interested parties and discuss the possibilities of making the film, as well as a developing an app.

NY Elite: What are five principles of success?  

Vilma: Good question. Number one is to know that this is your calling and have faith in God that you’ll make it, have a vision and imagine yourself there. 2. Always learn the tools of the trade. Educate yourself about your industry. 3. Never give up, meaning persistence. 4. Dismiss opposition. Don’t listen to negative comments. 5. Have a good positive support around you that believe in the same thing as you do. These have been keys for us to keep going no matter what.

NY Elite: What books are you reading that inspire you? What 3 books would you recommend?

Greta: We read the bible daily. Our faith, especially lately has taken us further into what is possible. Impossible is nothing for our God.

Being a Christian I would recommend: The Christian Bible. God’s creative power collection gift by Charles Caps. You’ve already got it. By Andrew Wommack,

NY Elite: To what do you attribute your success?

Vilma: God and only God. He’s always been there and He will always be God.








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