Dj Dark Child, one of the hottest DJ talents this summer

NY Elite had a sit down with DJ Dark Child (Jeton Kadriu), one of the hottest DJ talents this summer. In the following interview Jeton talks about his summer vibes, summer tour and his career success. 

NY Elite: How’s the career going? Have we been turning up?

DJ Dark Child: Absolutely! It’s all like a dream. It’s been one of my goals and dreams to be where I am today. I’m loving every minute of it especially now as resident DJ of one of the biggest Albanian club in the world Rinora 4 Club based in Zurich (Switzerland) and also this summer while we had summer pause with Rinora I was on tour with very talented Albanian artist called Butrint Imeri, we had a blast whole summer tour.

NY Elite: Have you had any time to chill out between shows?

DJ Dark Child: Yes and no. But since we’re always on the grind, it’s been difficult to fully appreciate all the great landmarks and special places. And I hope that I can find a little free time to chill, at least I deserve (lol).

NY Elite: 2017 has been huge for you. Was there a particular moment this year that stands out?

DJ Dark Child: Since January 1st everything was fine. I started the year playing alongside Maitre Gims and after few other famous local and European famous artists that for this I am thankful to my manager Gjoni from Swiss Artist Events. But the moment of the year was that call from Rinora 4 boss, that is a pleasure to be part of the club that there is no Albanian DJ that don’t have a dream to play on that club. It’s happened all in May, and my first show there was also with Albanian worldwide famous artist, based in USA, who works on Jay-Z label (RocNation) called G4SHI. This I can say that is one of my biggest steps on my DJ career.

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NY Elite: You started with your music career when you were 17 years old, right? How’d you first get into making music?

DJ Dark Child: I used to play on drums same like my father but things changed. I felt in love with the DJ mixer since day one and said to myself this is what I wanna do whole life! And it was so hard to enter on this business because of the hate between DJs (at least I am talking for my country), but not everyone is a hater. Very known Albanian DJ and Producer based in Italy Dark Beat taught me the first things in DJing and producing and helped me a lot to became what I am today. So my first name Dark is coming from his DJ name. That’s basically how it started.

NY Elite: And then you opened for very famous artists? How was that?

DJ Dark Child: Wow. This feels like it was yesterday or few days ago (lol). It’s an experience that I really cannot describe by writing, it’s all on my mind and probably will stay there always. I really grow up listening some of those that I’ve played with like Method Man & Redman, M.O.P, The Game, Lil Jon etc. They were like idols for me, and for idols I am always open to work with. Sometimes I say to myself I am still just a kid from my small city Gostivar. I also thank God everyday for giving me the opportunity to live out my dreams and meet interesting and creative people, visiting a lot of cities and playing in a lot of different clubs.

NY Elite: What was Tyga or The Game like to work with?

DJ Dark Child: Both of them were cool. They know the value of theirself. And the self-confidence that that have left me speechless. They’re not worldwide artists without a reason. I had the pleasure to talk more with Tyga, I mean he still is like a kid who lives his dream so we shared few words and with Game we didn’t met. He just came on the stage, performed and he left the club after the show.

NY Elite: Do you pay a lot of attention to what’s happening and what’s popular on the music scene?

DJ Dark Child: I’m always up to date on what’s happening or what’s trending at the moment, but I don’t take it that seriously, you know what I mean? A lot of people get consumed by social media, gossip and so. I find people more interesting than computer in the end of the day.

NY Elite: What’s next for the movement?

DJ Dark Child: Going back to Swiss and rock the clubs. That’s all I can tell now!

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